The Walking Dead Sneak Peek: Negan Gets Up Close and Personal With Daryl's Crossbow

Exclusive! The Walking Dead sneak peek has fan-favorite characters in one tense showdown

By Chris Harnick Mar 27, 2020 3:00 PMTags

Our fearless zombie apocalypse survivors are in need of a break. In the above exclusive sneak peek from The Walking Dead's season 10 episode "Look at the Flowers," Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) takes matters into his own hands with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

When viewers last checked in with Negan, he was holding Lydia (Cassady McClincy) captive and slitting Alpha's (Samantha Morton) throat. This was after Carol (Melissa McBride) let him out of the Alexandria prison to infiltrate Alpha's Whisperers crew. But Daryl doesn't know that, and he gets the drop on Negan in the exclusive sneak peek above.

"Where's Alpha?" Daryl demands with his crossbow in Negan's face.

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"She is dead. She is dead, I killed her," Negan confesses. He has something to prove it. Sort of. Will her mask suffice?

"Her mask ain't her head," Daryl growls.

"I know, I'm getting to it," Negan says. "The whole reason I threw in with them was so I could get close enough to Alpha to slit her throat. Now you talk about silencing the Whisperers, I silenced the Alpha…"


The episode features the heroes and villains in the Whisperers War dealing with the aftermath of the Hilltop fire while Eugene (Josh McDermitt) takes a group on a journey to meet Stephanie with the hopes of befriending another civilization. Channing Powell wrote the episode, Daisy Meyer directed.

"Look at the Flowers" will serve as season 10's penultimate episode for now. The finale is delayed until later this year.

"Current events have unfortunately made it impossible to complete post-production of The Walking Dead season 10 finale, so the current season will end with its 15th episode on Sunday, April 5. The planned finale will appear as a special episode later in the year," AMC said in a statement.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays, 9 p.m. on AMC.