Prepare to Say Goodbye to How to Get Away With Murder As the Cast Looks Back

Exclusive: Watch the cast of How To Get Away With Murder prepare to say goodbye to their show before the final batch of episodes air

By Lauren Piester Mar 26, 2020 7:23 PMTags
Watch: Exclusive: "How to Get Away With Murder" Says Goodbye

It's time for How To Get Away With Murder to say goodbye. 

The ABC drama is about to head into its final batch of episodes, and to prepare you for the farewell, E! News has an exclusive featurette about how the cast said their own farewells to one of the twistiest shows on TV. 

"I don't think that you're ever ready for a goodbye. You're just not," Viola Davis says. "It's been bittersweet. It's like saying goodbye to a family member. 

Fortunately, the cast and crew of HTGAWM went into the sixth season knowing it was the last, which they describe as "a huge gift." That means we get an a true ending to the series, and the actors had plenty of time to say goodbye. 

"We've seen each other through relationships, babies being born, marriages, so we have become a family," Conrad Ricamora says.

"You spend so much time with people," Liza Weil adds, possibly on the verge of tears. 

"How do you say goodbye to a deep piece of yourself?" Aja Naomi King wonders. 

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Not only did the cast become like a family, but they're able to look back on their show as one that had a major impact on the TV landscape. 

"I think in a huge way, Murder shifted the face of television," Davis says, as a clip reminds us of that time Annalise took off her wig. 

"The biggest question I asked myself when I stepped into the role of Annalise is why," she continues. "I'm a 54 year-old woman, I'm not a size two, I'm dark-skinned, and then I had the massive revelation—why not me? Why can't I be Annalise Keating? So the moments of me taking my wig off, moments of her being extremely flawed but then extremely vulnerable I'm most proud of, because I feel like in a way, she has redefined womanhood." 

Watch the clip above to hear from the entire cast, and tune into How To Get Away With Murder next Thursday, April 2 at 10 p.m. on ABC.