Sadie Robertson, Christian Huff


Sadie Robertson wants to spread a little love during these challenging times.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect major milestones like graduations, parties and weddings, the Duck Dynasty star has decided to make a difference for more than a few brides-to-be.

"I know so many people are being affected by COVID-19 in many different ways, but a group of people that has especially been on my heart lately are the ones who have had to cancel/postpone their weddings due to the circumstances," Sadie shared on Instagram. "Being a bride this past year, I know how much planning, scheduling, anticipation and excitement goes into your wedding day. I have been racking my brain with what I can do to help, and I know nothing can fix the frustration that would come having to cancel or postpone your wedding, but I would love to encourage you on what would have been your big day."

Sadie asked fans to leave their wedding day on her Instagram page. She also invited followers to share some details about their special day so she could send "a little something on that day to lift your spirits."

Lo and behold, in just one day, Sadie received more than 40,000 comments and thousands of forms.

"Wow, I can not believe how many of your weddings are affected by this time and I'm so so so sorry to hear that," she wrote on Instagram Tuesday afternoon. "We are working our little quarantine butts off to get the quantity of gifts to send y'all :) But with the large number we had to cap it at 5,000 brides for now. We want ALL of you to feel seen and celebrated."

Back in November 2019, Sadie said "I Do" to Christian Huff at her parent's home in West Monroe, Louisiana. They later enjoyed a tropical honeymoon in paradise.

Ultimately, the best-selling author and podcast host has a message to any and all couples finding their special wedding day up in the air.

"You are not alone—you are so seen—I have spoken to a couple people who's weddings have been affected, and I know there are many more," she shared on Instagram. "Sending so much love to all of you girls, XO."

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