The Jonas Brothers Are Ready to Battle For Their Family Name on The Voice

Exclusive: Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas explain how their mentoring singers on as battle rounds begin on The Voice

By Lauren Piester Mar 23, 2020 11:00 PMTags
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Let the battles begin!

The Voice begins its Battle rounds tonight, meaning newbie coach Nick Jonas and his team will be visited by none other than his brothers, Kevin and Joe, who are serving as his battle round advisors. E! News was exclusively on set during the battle rounds, and Will Marfuggi learned that there's a lot at stake for Nick in his first go 'round. 

"In a setting like this where you're working with other artists, you want to be encouraging, but you gotta be real, because he's got the Jonas name to uphold," Joe explained. "His team has to deliver, or he makes us look bad." 

So does that mean there's a lot of family pressure on Nick to win this season? 

Simply put, "Yeah!" 

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Nick says he's really appreciated having his brothers there because it only adds to the experience he can already bring to the table. 

"It's not to say that I'm always right, or that any of us are always right because we've been doing it for a long time, but we do have some added experience, so I've just been trying to bring that to the table," he says. "And having these guys and their point of view, both of the artist in front of them and of me, giving my team members some perspective is so key, and they've done an amazing job." 

Kevin says the three of them really work together, and Joe says they each have different strengths when it comes to working with the contestants. 

"We know when we can say Ok, you know what, Kevin, you got this one. Most of the time they're saying, Joe, you got this," Joe explained/joked. "But we all balance each other out, and I think it's helpful when we're doing a mentoring session like this where they're coming in looking for a lot of different advice, and it's cool to have Nick bring us in, because who better knows Nick, but also he can really trust our opinion going into this." 

So do the Jonas Brothers think they could have made it on The Voice themselves? Probably not. And you can hear them explain why in the video above! 

The Voice Battle Rounds air tonight and next Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC, and new episodes will air as scheduled through the end of April. A source tells E! News that no decision has been made about the live shows yet, but production will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation closely. 

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