Jon Bon Jovi needs your help. 

On Sunday, the Bon Jovi frontman revealed that he's working on a new song—and that he needs some help writing it. Inspired by recent events surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, Bon Jovi titled the song "Do What You Can" and called on fans everywhere to share their stories to fill the remaining verses of the song.

Addressing his fans with a heartfelt YouTube video, the rock legend said, "These are tough times we're going through. Uncharted territory. The great unknown. But one thing is for sure, we're gonna make it through. Now I did what I do best, which was sit down with my guitar and try to put something to words for you, maybe brighten up your day. Here's my idea: We write this one together." 

So far, Bon Jovi has written the chorus and the first two verses of the song and encouraged everyone to join in as a means to spread positivity

"I'm gonna play the second verse but you tell me your story," he continued. "Tell me what you're going through. Tell me how you're feeling. Tell me if you're hurting. Talk about that high school graduation that's gonna be canceled. Talk about that prom that just might not happen. Talk about that baby coming—there's nothing you can do about that. Talk about that paycheck that you're losing. Talk about being afraid. Looking out your window and wondering what to make of all this."

To conclude his message, Bon Jovi reminded his fans that they're all in this together and to keep their spirits high. "Just remember: We're gonna get through it. So, sing your song. You and me, together. And remember: You can't do what you do. You do what you can."

Then, the "You Give Love A Bad Name" singer performed what he had already written. For the first verse, Bon Jovi referenced border and school closures and reiterated the public's fears amidst the pandemic.

Channeling his "Do What You Can" motto, he launched into the chorus: "When you can't do what you do / You do what you can / This ain't my prayer / It's just a though I'm wanting to send / Round here we bend, don't break / Down here we all understand / When you can't do what you do / You do what you can."

Listen to Bon Jovi's new song "Do What You Can" in the heartwarming video above!

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