Morgan Stewart Breaks Down Her Best ''Self-Quarantine'' Tips

In an effort to keep some kind of normalcy amid the coronavirus pandemic, E!'s very own Morgan Stewart is giving us her tips for staying calm, cool and collected while at home.

By Pamela Avila Mar 22, 2020 12:50 AMTags
Watch: Necessary Realness: Self-Quarantine Survival Guide

Morgan Stewart is keeping it real.

In an effort to keep some kind of normalcy amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the E! host continues to serve us some Necessary Realness. This time, Stewart is bringing us Necessary Realness: Self-Quarantine Survival Guide.

So if any E! News readers and viewers need some tips on how to stay calm, cool and collected while social distancing in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, Stewart has got you covered. (First things first: stay home.)

"Welcome to a very special edition of Necessary Realness, I have sunglasses. I have alcohol and I have [a friend] on FaceTime. I have to do this with no audience, just one person, this is aca-motherf-cking-pella," the host began the segment.

If you're curious as to what Stewart's been up to since committing to staying home—it's involved a lot of cooking, eating, cleaning, trying to support local businesses but ultimately, trying to stay sane. 

"For me, I think the sanity aspect has been the most important," the host said, advising people to try to have as much of a normal routine as possible. "Like showering obviously, but also getting ready, putting on an outfit, putting on shoes. Cause it's easy to be home and sort of not get dressed, stay in sweatpants… I think that's not good. At this point, the quarantine is a little indefinite, right? No one knows when they're actually going to go back to work or how bad everything is going to get so basically, be the best version of yourself whether people have to see you or not."

Morgan Stewart Is Dating Dr. Phil's Son Jordan McGraw

Of course, another tip of hers is to keep busy and entertained binge-watching shows on Netflix.

On her queue? "The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, we've also been watching a lot of The Voice, a little bit of American Idol and that's it. Send recs."

Self-distancing tips aside, the E! host also introduced her viewers to her "quarantine partner."

"You wanna come around and say Hi?" said Stewart, inviting her new flame (and son of Dr. Phil) to introduce himself to her viewers.


As fans may recall, the host revealed that she and Jordan McGraw were dating for about three months now when she went on Instagram Live with Nightly Pop earlier this week.

And it turns out this isn't the first time these two lovebirds have dated.

"You wanna know a very fun fact, you guys? We dated 10 years ago for a year and then he broke up with me... And I was like, 'Fine, whatever. I don't care.' And then I went on obviously to have another relationship and then the past year we got back together."

To see Morgan's best tips and tricks for practicing social distancing, watch our video above!

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