How Matthew Morrison Is Spreading Disney Magic to His Family and Fans During the Coronavirus

Matthew Morrison is spreading Disney magic to his family and fans during the Coronavirus with help from his new album. Get the details on his special project inspired by his son.

By Linda Kim, Mike Vulpo Mar 21, 2020 12:00 PMTags
Matthew Morrison, Renee MorrisonRachel Murray/Getty Images for Brooks Brothers

When it comes to Matthew Morrison, family is everything.

And these days, raising his first child with wife Renee Morrison continues to be a wild, fun, magical adventure.

"You know I have a lot of love for a lot of people but I never experienced the love I have for my son," Matthew shared with E! News exclusively. "It's one of a kind and it's tested constantly but it's enduring and it's so strong and the bond we have is so special and I'm absolutely loving this journey."

That bond is displayed in the Glee star's new album filled with Disney classics. Titled Disney Dreamin' with Matthew Morrison, the disc available now was created with his son in mind.

"Every song I was singing in the studio, I was just imagining him," he confessed to us. "It's about hope and magic and love and everything that we need right now. For me, this was definitely inspired by my son and by my journey of being a father and just kind of getting reconnected to this music from my childhood. This is music that is just so multi-generational and adults and kids both love it."

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The album has been released at a time when Americans continue to practice social distancing amid the Coronavirus.  With concerts and tours postponed, many families are staying indoors and getting creative at home.


"It's nice to be just around family and not have commitments and obligations that are constantly distracting us from what's most important so it's actually been really nice. I know it's not like that for everyone, a lot of people are struggling out there," Matthew reflected. "I think we're very lucky because we have one child and I think he's at the perfect age so he's just loving his own little world.  He's just exploring a lot and we're trying not to have the TV on too much—a lot of arts and crafts, a lot of music time, a lot of dance parties. Dance parties are a big hit in our house."

Today, every career decision Matthew makes is influenced by how it will affect his wife and son. In other words, the project has to be "really special" in order to take him away.

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And as many Americans continue to adapt to changing times, Matthew hopes fans will put their family and themselves first.

"I think this time should be used for self reflection and for self love. I think that's something we should all be doing because we're so focused on work and creating space for others. I feel like we sometimes forget about ourselves and tell ourselves that we love ourselves and I feel like this is a really great time to check in with #1 and I encourage people to do that," he shared. "And do it with a great Disney soundtrack in the background!"