Kelly Ripa Shares Her Super Clean Diet, Including What She Eats Before Her Morning Show

Kelly Ripa is sharing her super clean diet, including what she eats before filming Live With Kelly and Ryan.

By Alyssa Morin May 01, 2020 3:00 PMTags

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Let's taco 'bout Kelly Ripa's diet.

The Live With Kelly and Ryan host shared a breakdown of what she eats in a day for Harper's Bazaar and its YouTube Series—Food Diaries: Bite Size.

And while this might not be surprising to many of her fans, the 50-year-old star really, truly follows a super clean diet.

From eating a large salad filled with good-for-you ingredients to mixing her water with an alkalizing powder, Ripa doesn't play when it comes to her food.

But aside from her healthy diet, the television host also adds a wellness element to her routine. 

For example, she starts and ends her day with supplements that are personalized to her needs. Moreover, she revealed that she exercises seven days a week.

If anything, she described her intense diet as a lifestyle, which is why she doesn't like to have cheat meals.

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See how Ripa breaks down her meals and exercise in a day, below! It just might be the thing you need to inspire your own at-home recipes.

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Morning Rituals:

"I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is, I take a glass of water and I have something called Get Off Your Acid Daily Greens, which is—spirulina, spinach, kale—all ground into a powder that you mix into water. It is for [alkalizing] your digestive system."


"Then I have a large coffee with ghee. I blend it in the Bullet. And while I'm having my ghee, I have my Persona morning supplements, which is my foundational vitamin, my multivitamin, ginger and my probiotic. That's phase one."

Breakfast After filming Live With Kelly and Ryan:

"I don't have any sort of chewing food before I talk on the air. When we're finished, what I'll have is a green apple cut up. Then I take two tbsp of almond butter and a tsp of cinnamon... I blend it all together and I put the apples in there. And I eat that like a porridge, if you will. That is my first chewable food of the day."

Exercise Sesh:

"I work out seven days a week. My body wants to work out when I'm at work. Most people that write into our show or DM us, will always say, 'Oh, I watch your show when I'm on the treadmill at the gym.' And I think to myself, 'Yes, that makes sense. Because... I will watch the show and work out at the gym.'"



"I eat lunch at such a weird hour, it's really a breakfast-lunch. I have a big salad of microgreens with avocado and toasted nuts on top. Sometimes I have pine nuts, sometimes pumpkin seeds, sometimes I have walnuts, sometimes I have cashews. The avocado toast kick of 2015 into 2017, was two years where avocado toast was pretty much the foundation of my diet. And I had it with just about every meal. Sometimes I would fry an egg and add that on top. Sometimes a piece of cheese would accompany the avocado toast. But the avocado toast was a real staple of my diet."


I have usually a smaller version of the same salad that I had for lunch. And then I have either mixed grilled greens or whatever's in season. I try to eat whatever is in season, in terms of vegetables. Then I have usually some plant protein mixed in there, like a grilled tofu, sometimes I'll have fried tofu, sometimes I have some sort of tahini."

Favorite Snacks:

"I have handfuls of nuts, lots of raw cashews, lots of raw almonds, lots of raw pistachios. I never eat more than a handful, but I have several handfuls a day."

Cheat Meals Aren't Really Her Thing:

"I try not to have that many cheat meals because cheat meals leads to sort of a cheat lifestyle. This is at my age. So if you're younger, enjoy that aspect of your life. But at my age now, I find that it takes too much effort to get ready, so I just stay ready. On my birthday, will I have cake? Of course.... I'm not a monster. At Christmas, do I eat cookies? Yes, I'm a human being."

What She Does ''Indulge" In:

"What I will indulge in is a delicious chocolate-covered almond or chocolate-covered cashews... so I still feel like there's something 'healthy' in there. I also have been making a chia pudding. Delicious chocolate chip pudding."

Bedtime Routine:

"Right before bed, I have a giant ginger turmeric tea. And then I take my evening Persona supplements, which I've recently incorporated a CBD supplement into that and I truly fall asleep within 20 minutes so I have to make sure that I'm ready for bed."

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