Watch Emily Blunt Get Her Mind Blown By Kid Magician Aidan McCann

Emily Blunt was blown away by 9-year-old magician Aidan McCann's tricks during her visit to "Aidan's Magic Corner" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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Prepare to be amazed!

On Wednesday, Emily Blunt's mind was blown thanks to kid magician Aidan McCann. During the A Quiet Place 2 star's visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she appeared on the talented 9-year-old's segment "Aidan's Magic Corner," where he showed off his skills with an impressive deck of cards trick and even made a lollipop appear out of thin air.

Before diving into the magic, Aidan kicked off the episode with a round of question cards and hosted a mini interview with the Mary Poppins Returns star. After asking Emily to name her favorite place to visit in his home country of Ireland, she replied, "Do you know where I just went? Connemara." Delighted by her response, Aidan quipped, "And if you're ever stuck, you can come to our house and babysit me and my sister."
Then, the magical kiddo asked Emily to name an item that she would make magically appear in front of her. Without hesitation, she answered, "Dark chocolate with sea salt."

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Next up on their agenda: Magic! To ease Emily into his first trick, Aidan showed her the deck of cards that he had made himself. He walked the Devil Wears Prada actress through each illustration that he drew and what they meant before having Emily pick a card from the deck.

Carefully, she selected his version of the 6 of hearts, which featured a drawing of six red hearts. "So, watch. If you take the 6 and give it a shake…It's now the real 6 of hearts," he said. And before Emily knew it, Aidan's handmade card magically transformed.

Seeing that Emily was stunned after watching the card change in front of her, Aidan continued the trick. "Watch, if you take the 6 and place it right there, just on the bottom, and snap, now that card changed," he said, before making the entire deck transform into a traditional deck of cards. Sad to part ways with his homemade deck, Aidan changed the cards back to his original hand. Still stunned, Emily checked his sleeves to see if he was hiding anything.

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For his final trick, Aidan showed Emily how she can make a lollipop out of bubbles. Taking a standard tube of bubbles, the young magician instructed Emily to blow bubbles into the studio. Once released, Aidan caught a bubble in between his fingers and turned it into a marble. Then, he attached the marble to a lollipop stick and waved his magic handkerchief over it. And, right before Emily's eyes, he created a delicious lollipop.

Watch Aidan blow Emily's mind with his magic skills in the amazing video above!