Influencer Arielle Charnas Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Something Navy's Arielle Charnas took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce that she has tested positive for coronavirus. Read her note here.

By Elyse Dupre Mar 18, 2020 2:45 PMTags
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Arielle Charnas has tested positive for coronavirus.

The influencer shared the news via Instagram on Wednesday.

"Hi guys. I wanted to give you all a health update. I realize that there are many individuals, both in New York City, and nationwide, who do not have the ability to receive immediate medical care at the first sign of sickness, and access to care is #1 priority in a time like this," the Something Navy star wrote in a note shared to the social network. "It is the responsibility of our government offices to ensure all Americans can access necessary tests and I acknowledge how lucky I am to have had that access. I hope this ignites faster movement in the future. Like many of you, this pandemic has me on heightened alert, and I took what I believed to be the quick precautions necessary to protect the health and safety of my family and now ultimately the people around me. This morning, I learned that I tested positive for COVID-19."

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While the fashion blogger acknowledged "this virus seems to be everywhere that you turn," she claimed "it's meaning and importance completely [change] when it affects you personally."

"To date, I've been following the guidelines of the CDC and listening to the city and government officials and I urge everyone to do the same," she wrote to her 1.3 million followers. "Now more than ever, it's become even clearer that these precautions are absolutely necessary to slow down this virus and protect the people most vulnerable to its spread."

Charnas then shared her personal plan per the recommendations of her doctors.

"Continue to quarantine/self-isolate, get lots of rest and drink fluids, get in touch with the family and friends that I've been in close contact with over the past 2 weeks so they can be even more diligent in their own self-quarantine and look out for any symptoms," she wrote.

While she claimed her daughters "aren't showing any symptoms," she stated "we are watching them super closely." In addition, she shared that her husband Brandon "is also unwell and resting with us."

She then shared her symptoms. However, she urged her fans to "please remember that every single person may react to COVID-19 differently."

"So please do not take this as medical advice and always refer questions to a medical professional," she continued.

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Charnas wrote it "started out with a very dry throat at night for a few days."

"Then a sore throat like the kind before I am getting a cold, also with chest heaviness, my fever lasted two days (low grade—around 100.6)," she added. "I then had a terrible headache and sinus pressure. I have zero appetite and no sense of taste or smell. Finally, what I'm dealing with now which has been the worst are the HORRIBLE body aches and skin sensitivity like debilitating. Keeping me up all night. The only thing working for me is Tylenol Extra Strength but the second it wears off, the aches are back."

She also shared the following message.

"We are truly living in an unprecedented time, but if social media has shown us anything in the past couple of days, it's that we are all in this together," she concluded. "I know that many of you are scared and anxious, but please stay calm, follow the directive of the medical and government communities and please be kind to each other."


Charnas isn't the first public figure to test positive for coronavirus. Last week, Tom Hanks announced that he and Rita Wilson also tested positive for coronavirus. They have since left the hospital and are in quarantine in Australia. Earlier this week, Idris Elba said he tested positive for coronavirus, as well.

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