This Simple Act of Kindness Is Exactly What We Need Amid Coronavirus

This story from London has warmed the hearts of people across the pond.

By Samantha Schnurr Mar 16, 2020 5:31 PMTags

As Mister Rogers famously advised, "look for the helpers."

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, such a helper was found in London, where a woman offered her neighbors help during this trying time. 

"If anyone needs anything during this crazy time – 100 roll, help with shopping/errands if you are elderly or disabled, a cup of sugar etc. or just need an extra hand, we are happy to help. Please knock or leave us a note," the note read. "Flat 85."

Then, the story got sweeter. The woman's act of kindness was met with an equally kind response: a box of chocolates. 

"GOOD KARMA for your gorgeous offer of help to people downstairs...Thank you!" a message on the box read. 

"A woman in london posted this note in her apt building," Today's Hoda Kotb wrote on Instagram while resharing the photo. "She heard a knock on her door and when she opened it no one was there... but there was this box of chocolates."

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Judging by the comments on Kotb's post, people online were equally as touched by the story. 

"Life as we know it has changed for a while - uncharted territory- Kindness is everything," one comment read. 

"So beautiful" someone else wrote in a comment. "Good Karma for certain. Let's love each other like our lives depend on it because they do."