Supernatural Returns to Wonder If Jack Can Really Kill God in Sneak Peek

Exclusive: Get a first look at Supernatural's return, which is finally happening on Monday at 8 p.m. after a six-week hiatus

By Lauren Piester Mar 13, 2020 5:19 PMTags


Supernatural's back, and so is Jack!

After a six week hiatus, Supernatural is returning on Monday to finish out its final season (!!!), and it's wasting no time dealing with the return of Jack (Alexander Calvert), who's been hidden in the Empty and is now on quite the mission from Death/Billie.

In a clip exclusive to E! News, which picks up around where the last episode left off so long ago, Sam, Dean, and Cas wonder if their troubled friend is even well enough to take on the task Billie's set for him, which is basically: eat angel hearts 'til it's time to kill God. Boy, we're going to miss this show. 

Sam (Jared Padalecki) in particular is not on board with this plan because, well, it's a wild plan that involves eating angel hearts and trusting two unpredictable people. Dean (Jensen Ackles) seems to think it's not much crazier than any deal they've made in the past. 

"Apparently Billie's got Jack on a need to know, which not a shock," he says. "We've made deals with cosmic players before. Cards up ain't their style." 

A Salute to Jared Padalecki's Supernatural Hair

"Jack still doesn't have a soul," Sam points out. "And now he's been in the Empty for months. We have no idea where his head is right now!"

Cut to Jack, examining the carved initials of Mary Winchester, who he accidentally killed that one time. 

Hopefully we'll all be getting some answers when Billie makes a surprise visit to the bunker in the episode, which also finds Sam and Dean responding to a frantic call and assisting in an "extraordinary and heartbreaking rescue." 

Including Monday's ep, there are just nine episodes left in the whole series. That feels like not very many, but the finale isn't set to air until May 18. And at this point, in this time of uncertainty and quarantine, May 18 feels like a lifetime away. So at least there's that. 

Supernatural airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.