Bachelor's Kelley Flanagan Sets the Record Straight on Peter Weber Romance Rumors

Bachelor star Kelley Flanagan is dishing to E! News exclusively about the relationship speculation involving her and Peter Weber. Click here to get the details!

By Lauren Piester, Jess Cohen Mar 12, 2020 6:24 PMTags
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What's really going on between Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan?

That's the question that all of Bachelor Nation is wondering, and E! News has your answer from the Chicago lawyer herself.

Despite being sent home earlier in the season, speculation about Kelley's relationship with Peter continued on into the Bachelor finale this week. Adding fuel to the fire, Kelley was in attendance during Tuesday's After the Final Rose taping, raising eyebrows. Though Peter professed his love for runner-up Madison Prewett on Tuesday night's episode, many fans believe that there's something going on between Kelley and Peter. For starters, Kelley, who actually met Peter before the season began filming and was an early frontrunner, was MIA during the taping of the Women Tell All episode.

Plus, it was just this week that Peter's mom declared Kelley her "fave." So, what does Kelley think of all the romance speculation?

"I have heard that. I heard that I'm pregnant and I also heard that I'm with Peter right now," Kelley told E! News exclusively at the launch party for Chris Harrison and Seagram's Tropical Escapes Rosé. "I'm not with Peter."

She later assured us, "I promise I'm not dating Peter. I'm not dating Peter."

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As for why she was invited to the finale taping, Kelley doesn't know, but she told E! News she's "grateful" for the invite.

"I got to experience something that, I didn't know how it worked. I was like, well I'll sit in the stands and figure out what's going on here too, like, let's see how all this happens," she explained. "It was kind of hard to hear at times so I didn't really like hear too much of it because the speakers weren't the best. Um, but it was dramatic."

"I think it summed up this entire season, you know, and there was times where my mouth dropped and there was times where I was gasping," Kelley told E! News, sharing that she thinks it summed up the whole season.

Kelly also added of the finale, during which viewers saw Peter end his engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss and reunite with runner-up Madison Preweet, "I honestly feel bad for a lot of the people that were involved."


Now that finale has aired, Kelley has some advice for Peter as he navigates the post-Bachelor world.

"You know what, at the end of the day, all of these interviews that I've been doing I said I think it's best for Peter to take some time to be by himself and figure out what he's doing, reflect on everything that's going on and just figure out what he wants."

"And if him and Madi work out, good luck to both of them and I wish them the best," Kelley said of the duo.


And as for what she thinks about Peter's mom, Kelley is a fan.

"Barb loves me, I guess I'm her favorite. I learned that last night at the finale. She came up to me and told me, gave me the biggest hug and she was, she was so sweet to me," Kelley shared of their finale encounter. "I can't hate her when someone's so nice to me. Yeah she gave me a big hug, she's like, 'You're beautiful, I love you, oh my God, I was your fan since night one!' Barb I guess wants to get lunch with me and go shopping and hey, whatever, you know."

So, will we be seeing Kelley on Bachelor in Paradise next season?

"I don't think that I would ever shut down, like if that opportunity's there then yeah," Kelley told E! News. "I haven't gotten past that stage. The opportunity hasn't even been there so I haven't even considered it, so we'll see what happens."