JoJo Siwa Opens Up About Rumored Boyfriend Elliot Brown

By Alyssa Ray Mar 11, 2020 11:20 PMTags

Does JoJo Siwa have a boyfriend?

E!'s own Jason Kennedy finds himself asking this very question in this clip from Monday's all-new In the Room. As the entertainment journalist is given a tour of Siwa's colorful home, he spots a framed photo of the YouTube star and alleged boyfriend, Elliot Brown.

"Do you care to say anything about that? Is this a guy friend, someone you're cool with, you like him, you're dating?" Kennedy inquires.

The internet sensation, who famously left North West starstruck, strategically dances around answering this question by calling him "a family friend."

"I've actually talked with him about how I was gonna answer this, 'cause I was like, 'I know it's gonna come up some time,'" the Dance Moms veteran relays. "Elliot is his name, he has been a family friend of mine for, oh gosh. I've known him since he was eight! Since I was eight."

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While the celebrated YouTube star coyly evades giving a definite answer, she makes it clear she has a fondness for the beau in-question. In fact, it seems that Siwa narrowly avoids declaring her love for Brown.

"He came out here and we had a really great time. And, he is an awesome kid," Siwa gushes. "And I, I—his family are the nicest people ever and we've been friends for forever."

Furthermore, the "Kid in a Candy Store" singer teases that her family has always joked that she and Elliot "would be cute together."

"I will say, I'm really excited to see him this weekend. He's coming back out here," the 16-year-old star adds.

After Kennedy notes that the twosome is "cute together," Siwa gleefully expresses that she "agree[s] with that."

For Siwa's words on her maybe-boyfriend, be sure to watch the sneak peek above!