See Matt Fraser Scramble as Bad Weather Ruins His Perfect Proposal Plan

The Mee the Frasers psychic medium stresses as a storm ruins his outdoor proposal to girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis!

By Alyssa Ray Mar 06, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Matt Fraser's Wedding Proposal Gets Ruined By Rain

Rain, rain, go away.

In this clip from Monday's season finale of Meet the Frasers, Matt Fraser learns his proposal plan has been ruined due to inclement weather. While the psychic medium is hoping to do a grand proposal outside, event planner Nick informs Matt that it isn't "safe" outside.

"What do I do?" Matt inquires while hiding in a bathroom from girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis.

As Nick pitches a backup plan, which consists of using a ballroom, Matt is hesitant to sign off on the idea.

"Without the right location, there is no proposal. End of story," he notes in a confessional. "I have a good mind to ship my family back home and do this all over again."

Meanwhile, Matt and Alexa's loved ones are unaware that the proposal plan may be canceled altogether. However, as the weather worsens, Alexa's mom Sharon Ciolli realizes the proposal will no longer be outside.

"I say do it in the rain," Alexa's dad Theo Papigiotis suggests.

Understandably, the rest of the gang disagrees with Theo's suggestion.

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Since Matt is "up against a wall right now, literally and figuratively," he turns to sister Maria Fraser for advice.

"There's a major f--king problem going on right now," a stressed Matt shares. "They're pulling all the staff from outside. We're gonna have to ship everybody back home, pretend like this never happened and do this another day."

Of course, Maria informs her brother that this is impossible. Still, Matt is disheartened that his proposal plan has been derailed.

"I had Donatella Versace's cabana all rented out, I had fireworks that were supposed to go up in the air," Matt laments.

In order to ease the tension, Maria jokes that Matt's a psychic medium and should've seen the bad weather coming.

"Maria, how could I see the weather coming? The weatherman can't even see the weather and he's got a satellite up in space," Matt retorts.

Will Matt be able to propose to Alexa? For that answer, be sure to catch Monday's all-new episode!