Here's What Chip & Joanna Gaines Tell Couples Who Want a Marriage Like Theirs

By Brett Malec Mar 06, 2020 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Chip & Joanna Gaines: Any Couple Can Have What We Have

There's no denying it: Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines are #CoupleGoals.

The former Fixer Upper hosts and parents of five are sharing some relationship advice in this preview clip from Monday's brand new episode of In the Room.

"For all the couples that come up to you or tweet you, 'I want this. I want what you have. This is special.' What do you say to them?" host Jason Kennedy asks the husband and wife of 16 years in the video.

"I think anybody can have it," Chip reveals. "You know, at the end of the day I love Jo more than anything in the world and I think that when you start experimenting with this idea that I love something more than I love myself."

Chip & Joanna Gaines' Sweetest Family Snaps

"And I'm an arrogant, self-centered freak," he continued. "I was not a person that was naturally built for marriage. I got married when I was a little later. I mean, we're in the Bible Belt so my friends were all getting married at 21, 22 to having their first kid at 23, 24. And I was just like, 'Y'all are crazy! Who would want to do that?'"

Even though Chip waited until his late 20s to get married, things worked out pretty well for him and Jo! Check out the sweet clip above.

Scroll down to check out some of Chip and Joanna's sweetest family photos.

Road Trip!
"Longhorns meet crew.. Crew meet longhorns," Chip Gaines posted on Instagram this adorable picture of mother and son. 
Reading Time

Joanna Gaines posted this photo on Instagram of a sweet moment between her two sons writing, "reading time with big brother is his favorite." 

Another Coming

Is this not the cutest thing ever? Joanna Gaines posted this photo on Instagram, capturing her children excitedly anticipating the birth of their new sibling. 

Daddy's Boy
"They all look up to you so much @chipgaines," Joanna Gaines posted on Instagram as a tribute to her husband on Father's Day. "You're the strongest, bravest, funniest, and most loving man they know. You lead our babies well."
Farming Family

The family celebrated Easter on a farm picking carrots, as shown in this adorable photo.

Sunset Moments
"Gone fishin'," Joanna Gaines posted on Instagram of two of her adorable kids fishing while the sun was setting. 
Puzzle Party

Chip Gaines and his sons looked super focused putting a puzzle together in this adorable photo Joanna posted on Instagram captioning it "We have a serious puzzle competition going on over here #BoysVsGirls."

Plant Baby

"My little squishy #plantbaby," Joanna Gaines captioned this adorable photo with her youngest son Crew in April. 

Chip Jr.

"Chip off the old block, " Chip Gaines wrote alongside this precious picture of his mini me in January.

Sleepy Time

When it comes to baby life, it's always sleepy time for little Crew.

Christmas Crafts

Chip grabbed his two daughters Ella and Emmie for a little post-Christmas playtime in December 2018 and all we can think about is how pretty this tree is.

Santa Baby

If you wanted to see the cutest little guy meet Santa, then look no further!

Big Sister Snuggles

In November 2018, Ella had a little snooze with her youngest sibling.

Baylor Babes

How cute is Crew at his first Baylor football game?

Dad Daze

Nothing says summertime more than hanging out in a hammock with your kids.

Cow Kids

When Chip's not remodeling a house he's working on the farm and his kids are always by his side. 

Boys Will Be Boys

"Walked into this cuddlefest and my heart almost burst," Joanna wrote alongside this photo of Chip, middle son Duke and her youngest Crew.

Porch Pals

"Me + Crew + Cookie = ❤️" Joanna captioned this perfect summer moment.

Party of Five

This photo of the four older Gaines kids waiting to meet their little brother warms our heart.

Golf Guys

"I'm not going to lie.. I absolutely HATE golf. My nemesis sport, the antibaseball. But you know what I don't hate, time well spent with these beautiful boys," Chip captioned this photo of Drake (the oldest Gaines kid) and Duke in May 2018.

Fixer Uppers

We would love to see this adorable bunch at our demo day...what about you?

Milkshake Gang

In January 2018, Joanna and Drake had a fun day out and topped it off with milkshakes.

Maze Runners

"Nothing like a good game of hide-and-go-seek in the corn fields #texasforever," Joanna shared with this photo in May 2017.

Demo Day

What's better than Chip at demo day? Chip with his two best workers, Drake and Duke, duh.

Pig Pen

Yes, those are pigs and yes, the Gaines kids are chilling with them.


In 2016, the Gaines fam celebrated Thanksgiving in style and then released this photo to the masses and we're not worthy. 

Rough Day

"What me and the boys have actually been up to with the girls out of town.. #thingsAreGettingCrazy," Chip captioned this nap photo.

Girls' Trip

Leave it to the Gaines ladies to go on a trip to Austin and come back with design inspiration courtesy of a wall.

Move That Canvas!

In June 2016, the Gaines fam revealed their bakery to their four kids and their faces were priceless.

Baseball or Bust

We love these custom Gaines jerseys that all of the kids and Chip and Jo are wearing while rooting for their Baylor team.

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