Watch Ben Platt Expose Co-Star Nina Dobrev's Secret Skill on Pop of the Morning!

By Alyssa Ray Mar 05, 2020 7:46 PMTags

Ben Platt just outed Nina Dobrev's secret skill.

On Thursday, the Run This Town co-stars stopped by Pop of the Morning to discuss their new movie (which hits theaters tomorrow) and wound up revealing the 31-year-old actress' rap ability. According to Platt, he learned that Dobrev could spit a rhyme during a karaoke session.

"I learned that she can rap, 'cause we did karaoke," The Politician star noted about his co-star, whom he worked with for the first time on Run This Town.

Unsurprisingly, this admission had POTM co-host Victor Cruz begging Dobrev to display her rap skills. "We need like, a quick six bars right now," the retired NFL player quipped.

Thankfully for Dobrev, Platt intervened, apologizing for putting her in the "hot seat."

"We did karaoke! I like to sing a lot, as she'll tell you, and so she's pulling up the rap side," the Tony winner further shared.

"I mean, I couldn't sing near him," Dobrev added. "Nobody should ever sing with Ben Platt in the room. So, I resorted to rap instead."

The rap song in question? A karaoke classic, Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back."

Pop of the Morning's Celebrity Guests

We can't say we blame Dobrev for not wanting to sing in front of Platt, who had many A-list fans during his Tony award-winning run-on Broadway's Dear Evan Hansen.

Per Platt, he was the most star-struck after meeting Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton. While most people wouldn't have wanted to know the famous faces in the audience, Platt said it was better to know beforehand since he could see everyone.

"I was looking out at the audience so much and it was a small house, I was gonna find out at some point in the middle of the show who was there anyways," the Pitch Perfect alum relayed. "The idea of getting tripped up by spotting Meryl Streep in the middle of a scene was scarier to me than just, 'Give me the list of the show. Who's here, get it out of mind.'"


Of course, Platt isn't the only one with famous fans as Taylor Swift was a fan of Dobrev's CW hit, The Vampire Diaries.

"At the very beginning, we heard that Taylor Swift was a fan of the show," the Bulgarian-born actress stated. "And then, the producers tried to write a role for her, it didn't work out schedule-wise."

Although Swift's schedule didn't allow her to take the cameo, Dobrev said she thought the "Lover" singer "would've been great."

For all of this and more, be sure to catch Platt and Dobrev's interview above!