Allison Holker Wants Phoebe Waller-Bridge on The Funny Dance Show & Here's Why

By Alyssa Ray Mar 06, 2020 2:00 PMTags
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The Funny Dance Show is unlike any other dance competition out there.

One of the show's judges, Allison Holker, made this abundantly clear during our exclusive chat with her this week. According to Holker, TFDS (which premieres Wednesday, Mar. 11 at 10:30 p.m. on E!) is "simply about the comedy, it's about the fun."

"Obviously, it's different because we're taking comedians and we're challenging them to actual learn a dance, that can also involve their comedy," the dance expert explained. "We're taking two elements: one element that they know how to do and one element that they absolutely do not know how to do and seeing how it comes about."

As Holker is a longtime professional dancer, including credits on So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars, it isn't surprising that she was tapped to be the resident dance expert for TFDS.

However, it appears that Holker knew about the hilarious dance competition long before it became a TV show. As E! readers surely know, The Funny Dance Show is based off hosts Justine Marino and Heidi Heaslet's live show developed at The World Famous Comedy Store.

Meet the Judges & Hosts for The Funny Dance Show!

Per Holker, she served as a judge for one of the live shows. One might say her Funny Dance Show journey has come full circle!

"They were doing these at a local comedy show, like a little comedy theater. And they reached out to me and they were like, 'Hey! Would you ever come to our show and judge it?' And, if I'm truly honest, I had no idea what they meant by a comedy show," the mother of three dished.

Despite "having no idea what to expect," Holker agreed to the pro bono gig, and went on to laugh "for two hours straight."

"It was the most fun, funniest, craziest show I had ever seen and been a part of that I felt blessed to be there," the DWTS veteran continued. "So, it was truly an honor when they asked me to come judge on the television show."

Viewers will witness Holker judge dance-offs alongside Loni Love and Justin Martindale, whom she praised as "so much fun."

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And Holker is certainly excited for viewers to catch the LOL-worthy dance competition, noting that Hannah Mae Lee and Becky Robinson's routines are ones not to miss.

In fact, Holker appeared hopeful about a second season, revealing that she'd love to see Fleabag star and creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge on The Funny Dance Show.

"Phoebe Waller-Bridge would 100 percent be so fun to have on the show," Holker expressed. "I heard that Fleabag was winning all these amazing awards and I was like 'Ok, I gotta see what this is about.' And I watched it and it was amazing. So well done, so well-acted, so well written and so I became a huge fan after that."

Same, Allison, same.

For more of Holker and The Funny Dance Show, be sure to catch the premiere on March 11.