Kevin Federline Is ''Not Happy'' After Son Jayden Makes Claims About Britney Spears on Instagram

Sources tell E! News Britney Spears' son is in trouble with dad Kevin Federline after claiming his mom's quitting music on Instagram

By Cydney Contreras Mar 05, 2020 12:58 AMTags

Britney Spears' son is learning the consequences of his actions. 

With an internationally recognized superstar for a mom, Jayden Federline's social media presence is looked at with much greater interest than your average 13-year-old. That's exactly why Jayden's most recent Instagram Live, and the candid comments he made during it, instantly made headlines. 

In the clip, Federline described his estranged grandfather, Jamie Spears, as a "pretty big d--k"and claimed that his mother "might" quit music altogether. The video has since been removed from Instagram, and Kevin Federline's attorney tells E! News that the father is taking measures to discuss the incident with Jayden.

"Kevin was not happy to see that and he is addressing it as you would expect a responsible parent to address it," Mark Vincent Kaplan says.

According to Kaplan, Kevin understands Jayden was "acting as if [he was] a 13-year-old," but expects better from the teen. "We wouldn't anticipate seeing any further posts like that again," he assures. 

As for why Jayden decided to go public with his feelings towards his grandfather and his mother's alleged plans to quit music, one source explains to E! News, "This is Jayden being a kid and doing what teenagers do."

"He was experimenting on social media and he will learn from it. He doesn't understand the consequences, but hopefully he will now. When your family is in the public eye it's a whole different ball game with what you can and can't share," the source adds.

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Another source says that although Kevin has "primary" custody of Jayden and older brother, Sean Federline, his and Britney's custody arrangement is "organic." "The kids are doing extraordinarily well with Kevin... For now it's working," the second source shares.

Jamie continues to keep his distance from Federline and his boys, per the restraining order that went into effect after he allegedly got in a fight with Sean. Last September, the Ventura County District Attorney's Office decided against criminally charging Jamie due to insufficient evidence.  

Around that time, Britney and Kevin reached a new custody agreement, which awarded the pop singer 30 percent unsupervised custody of their sons. The exes previously split custody 50-50.

"Kevin in no way wants to prevent the boys from having any unreasonable custodial contact with their mom," Kaplan shared told E! News at the time. "The boys love their mother but the existing [custody] arrangement, as reflected in the terms of the most recently entered order, are reflecting what Kevin believes is in the children's best interest."