Bachelor Nation's Carly Waddell Confirms Husband Evan Bass Is Getting a Vasectomy

Carly Waddell has confirmed some major family news involving her famous husband.

By Samantha Schnurr Mar 03, 2020 9:39 PMTags
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There aren't any babies in Carly Waddell's imminent future. 

After becoming parents again in November 2019, the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum has confirmed her husband Evan Bass is closing up shop.                      

Over on her Instagram Story Q&A, someone asked Waddell how many more kids she wants, prompting her to share some family news.

"Evan is getting a vasectomy this month, so Charlie will not have any more siblings. Sorry bud to Evan and Charlie," she responded.

Last month, Bass broached the topic when he shared a photo of himself with all five of his children, writing, "VASECTOMIES ARE FOR QUITTERS...Jk I'm going in for a consult next week spray some sage for me I'm dying inside."

The reality star is dad to sons Ensley Bass, Liam Bass and Nathan Bass from a previous relationship, as well as daughter Isabella Bass and newborn son Charles Bass with his wife of two years.          

Bachelor Nation Babies

As fans well know, the couple welcome the latest addition to the family less than four months ago. 

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"I HAD A BABY THIS WEEK!!!!" the famous mom wrote on Instagram at the time. "Baby Charles was born on November 12th at 11:22 am in Nashville, TN. Charles was born quickly, after about 15 minutes of pushing, and came into this world face up (OP to the medical community) with one eye open and one eye closed like a pirate looking directly at me! He literally jumped straight into my arms, because the doctor let me pull him out the rest of the way! A beautiful and unique delivery."

She further explained, "Charles is a beloved family name on both sides and we wanted to incorporate the name wolf because he was born on a full moon and started howling the second he was born. (Apparently this is a very popular name right now. Which makes my grandfather seem even cooler than he already was!) We are so thrilled and in love with our new little addition."