The Bachelor's Chris Harrison Says Not Even Peter Knows How His Journey Will End

Chris Harrison had some strong words to describe the finale of The Bachelor, which takes place over two nights starting March 9

By Lauren Piester Mar 03, 2020 3:00 AMTags
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Peter Weber's unspoilable ending remains unspoiled, even to him. 

During The Bachelor: Women Tell All, Chris Harrison had some strong words to describe next week's two-night finale, which will reveal what happened after Peter sent Victoria F. home and introduced his family to Hannah Ann and the somewhat reluctant Madison.

Chris and Peter have both been describing quite the ending all season long, but this is a new sort of statement. 

"It is a finale so unexpected, so unprecedented, there is not a single person who knows how Peter's journey will end, not even Peter," Chris said.

All that that can mean is that a decision has not yet been made, and will be made on live TV next week. Is he about to ask for a second chance? Ask out his second choice? Propose? Announce his relationship with one of the producers? Get back with Hannah Brown? 

Peter could do anything on live TV over two nights next week, which at this point is the only thrilling aspect of this otherwise somewhat difficult season. 

The Bachelor Reveals Peter Weber's Final 2

After we heard Chris Harrison say not even Peter knew how it would end, we asked the pilot and some of his ex-girlfriends about their favorite theories for the ending. You can watch that above, but just know Peter does not end up with his own mother. He debunks that right away, and he's also heard another pretty wild theory that he seems to be saying is not true. 

"I've heard two women are pregnant," Peter told us. "That's a little out there. Crazy things, but I guess it's kind of cool because no one knows the real ending and I'm excited for everyone to figure it out." 

Alayah doesn't know what happens, but she's pretty sure Peter did not get engaged in Australia, and Tammy says at this point, almost any theory sounds realistic. 

Sydney says she thinks Peter hasn't fully made a decision, and that makes sense to her based on knowing the people involved. 

"We all know he has an issue making decisions soon, so I feel like maybe he hasn't made it yet," she says. "Maybe it's taking him an extra minute." 

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The Bachelor's two-night finale will begin next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.