The Bachelor Reveals Peter Weber's Final 2

The Bachelor: Women Tell All took a moment to catch us up on the end of fantasy suite week before diving into the drama.

By Lauren Piester Mar 03, 2020 1:43 AMTags
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Tonight's episode of The Bachelor may not be a typical episode, but it didn't leave us hanging in terms of what was going down in Australia.

Before the women told all, we watched the somewhat shocking conclusion to the fantasy suite date week, when Madison walked off of her date with Peter after learning he had slept with one or both of the other two women he was dating, when she believed she had been clear that if he did that, he could lose her.  

It wasn't entirely clear if she would show up to the next rose ceremony at all, but she eventually arrived, and was surprised to find Peter offering both her and Hannah Ann a rose, . That meant Victoria F. was going home, and also that she was free to join her castmates in telling all. 

Victoria didn't seem as devastated as you might think, but she definitely had some blame to throw around. 

"I think the conversation he had with Madison changed everything that he felt with me," Victoria said. "The fact that someone could sway his opinion with an ultimatum, I mean, it sucks. I just don't want him to regret any decisions he's made." 

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Peter clearly struggled with the choice and even seemed surprised that Madison accepted the rose when he offered it to her, asking "You sure?" before handing it to her. 

She didn't look sure, but she said yes, and ended up in an awkward little toast with Peter and Hannah Ann up on that freezing, windy plateau. 

"Here's to seeing if love can conquer all," she said, while Hannah Ann just sort of stood there awkwardly. 

We'll find out what happens next in next week's two night "unexpected, unprecedented" finale, starting Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

Stay tuned for more from Women Tell All throughout the night!