Victoria Fuller, The Bachelor


Victoria Fuller is in the hot seat. 

After being given the boot by Peter Weberon tonight's episode of The Bachelor, a newly single Victoria F. sat down with host Chris Harrison to rehash all the drama she found herself embroiled in throughout the season. 

As a quick recap, Victoria's hometown date was sidelined after an anonymous ex of Peter came to warn him about Victoria's alleged history of home-wrecking. Then off camera, Cosmo magazine decided against making Victoria their Bachelor issue cover star because she modeled in a campaign inspired by the imagery of the White Lives Matter organization. (Victoria had previously apologized for her involvement.)

The 25-year-old adamantly denied the "very serious" claims made against her, saying, "This was extremely frustrating to me."

Referring to Peter's ex, Victoria went on, "I think this is somebody who just didn't like me... I just think maybe she wanted to come on the show."

When Chris asked Victoria point blank if she had "broken up marriages," she responded, "Absolutely not."

Victoria Fuller, The Bachelor


"It's just hard to have this guy that I'm dating, who, like, could potentially be my husband now think that about me. And once that's out there, people think that about you. So, um, I definitely could've handled it better. Obviously could have handled the whole f--king season better," she continued. 

Victoria also voiced her frustration with the demise of her and Peter's relationship. 

"I didn't realize how much he cared about me. It breaks my heart, because I wish I would've let him love me the way that he wanted to sooner," she recalled.

"I hate some of the ways I acted. He put up with a lot." 

When the two were reunited onstage during the Women Tell All special, Victoria finally made peace with Peter. "I just want to say thank you just for how patient you were with me this whole entire season," she told him. "That means so much. Watching back, it's like, 'How is he dealing with me?"

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC. 

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