Matt Fraser Warns His Family to Not Ruin His "Disney on Steroids" Proposal

Meet the Frasers psychic medium Matt Fraser tries to plan the perfect proposal for girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis

By Alyssa Ray Mar 02, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Matt Fraser Plans "Disney on Steroids" Wedding Proposal

Matt Fraser wants his proposal to be like "Disney on steroids."

In this clip from tonight's all-new Meet the Frasers, the psychic medium reveals his elaborate proposal plan to his and girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis' loved ones. In order to keep the proposal a secret, Matt conducts a meeting with the families while Alexa receives a massage.

"This is the perfect plan. I mean, Alexa's gonna be in her room having every part of her body touched and she's gonna be thinking that I'm doing the same," the Meet the Frasers leading man notes in a confessional. "But really, I'm out all around the hotel, making sure that I have what I need set up to pop the question."

As Alexa is unaware that their families are in Florida for the proposal, the group is forced to stealthily walk through the hotel. Unsurprisingly, some are better at staying quiet than others.

"Shush! Shut up," Maria Fraser whisper shouts at her mother Angela Fraser.

Thankfully, the Meet the Frasers gang makes it to the proposal spot undetected. Since Matt only has "like a few minutes" to chat, he rattles off his expectations for the proposal.

Matt Fraser & Alexa Papigiotis' Cutest Pics

"Alright, this is where it's gonna happen, right here. What I'm thinking is that we bring rose petals all the way down," Matt expresses. "I want this place to look like Disney on steroids."

Furthermore, Matt demands a loveseat and twinkling lights be added to the scenic spot.

"We can make it moonlight under the stars," a concierge assures Matt and the gang.

According to Matt, as he's proposing to Alexa, the families will be waiting in a nearby suite as an additional surprise.

"Listen, all you mo-mos here, you can't screw this up now," Matt demands.

While the families promise Matt they won't ruin the surprise, the cloudy weather overhead may be an unforeseen issue.

Will Matt be able to pull of this perfect proposal? For that answer, be sure to catch tonight's all-new episode!