Dear Grey's Anatomy, Please Don't Kill Intern Beanie Feldstein

Booksmart star Beanie Feldstein is joining Grey's Anatomy as an intern, and we're incredibly worried for her future.

By Lauren Piester Feb 27, 2020 9:44 PMTags
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Grey's Anatomy is getting a new, very familiar intern. 

Beanie Feldstein is joining the show tonight as Tess Desmond, an intern who Richard is training during a crossovery blizzard. The only info we have about her is given in a clip posted to the show's Twitter account yesterday, where she watches Richard practicing a complicated procedure. 

She wonders why he's practicing when he's done a million of these, and he explains he's experienced because he practices. She then marvels at how so many residents could waste an opportunity like this by treating it "like it's retail." Richard asks her name, and then offers her a chance to step up to the plate. 

We don't get to see how her laparoscopic skills stack up, but we have decided we would die for intern Tess Diamond. She deserves the world...which is why we are automatically fearing for her safety. Think about it: Beanie Feldstein is suddenly announced as a guest star on Grey's Anatomy, with very little fanfare, with a clip of her being a delightful, hopeful, enthusiastic doctor in training, who Richard clearly, immediately takes a liking to. 

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This intern, whom we already love, is being introduced in a disaster episode that is also a Station 19 crossover about a massive blizzard that promises to put literally everyone in danger. 

"Never seen a snow like this in Seattle," Bailey says in the promo. 

"People are freezing to death," Meredith says. 

And it's not like they cast this high-profile guest star as a patient who could believably leave the hospital in just an episode or two. Intern Tess works there! 

Have you ever seen a more perfect recipe for a briefly heartbreaking yet overall irrelevant Grey's Anatomy death? We aren't new here. We've been watching this for 15 years now, and Grey's Anatomy is going to kill Beanie Feldstein! 

We really, really, really hope we're wrong, and Tess the intern will be around as much as possible until Feldstein starts filming Impeachment: American Crime Story as Monica Lewinsky later next month. But we've just got that feeling we always get when Grey's is about to make us fall in love with someone before cruelly taking them away from us. 

Maybe this clip is deceptive, and intern Tess is actually horribly annoying and bad at her job. Maybe we're jaded, still in mourning over that time Mandy Moore was Bailey's patient who didn't survive. 

Maybe intern Tess is a ghost from the beginning! 

Anyway, we just really don't want to watch Beanie Feldstein as intern Tess die tonight. Please don't make us do that, Grey's Anatomy

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