Ben Affleck's Daughter Couldn't Believe He Was Invited to Co-Stars' Group Chat

While the co-stars of Ben Affleck's new movie found him cool to invite him to their group chat, one of his kids had her doubts.

By Corinne Heller Feb 27, 2020 7:52 PMTags
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While the co-stars of Ben Affleck's new movie found him cool enough to invite him to their group chat, one of his kids had her doubts.

Sitting next to fellow The Way Back cast members Charles Lott Jr. and Melvin Gregg, the 47-year-old actor revealed the candid response his and ex-wife's daughter Violet, the eldest of their three children, gave him upon the discovery.

"I loved hanging out with these guys. It was so much fun. They even put me on the group chat at the end of the movie. I was enormously flattered," Affleck told E! News. "My 14-year-old daughter...can't believe they put me on the group chat, thinks it's crazy. She was like, 'They're just pretending.'"

Lott said they were initially afraid to ask Affleck to join the chat. Gregg said he was one of the most active people on it.

In The Way Back, a sports drama, Affleck plays a former basketball star and recovering alcoholic who hopes for a career comeback with his new job as a basketball coach at his alma mater. The actor has battled alcohol addiction himself throughout his life and has been to rehab several times.

Ben Affleck: Movie Star

Affleck praised the film's "complicated and multilayered" scenes, which allowed him to "display a range of emotions."

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"Really, the best part was the inspiration I got from these guys," he said.

The Way Back is set for release on March 6.