Which Couples Got Married in the Love Is Blind Finale?

Love Is Blind's finale saw some broken hearts, but some couples left the show happily married!

By Lauren Piester Feb 27, 2020 11:00 AMTags
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Well that was awkward! 

Love Is Blind has now released its final-ish episode (before the reunion!), the one in which the couples said "I do" or "I don't" after approximately 38 days of knowing each other, and even fewer days of knowing what each other looked like. 

Netflix's grand love experiment ended with just two couples actually making it to the reception, and while we were hoping and expecting one of them to survive the experiment the whole time, the other was honestly a bit of a surprise. Truly, did anyone see Barnett in those pods and think he'd leave this thing married? Because we didn't! 

But yes, Matt Barnett and Amber Pike both said they did, and now they are a married couple, along with fan faves Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed

We all breathed a sigh of relief when both Cameron and Lauren said "I do," happy to know that the season's most solid couple was, indeed, solid. As for the other couples, there was some heartbreak in store. 

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First up was Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers, and while Giannina was all in, Damian was not. He said that while he loved Giannina, he didn't feel she was ready to marry him, and so he said no, prompting her to dramatically run away in her wedding dress, backed by an incredibly dramatic score. 

She ended up barefoot by some garbage bins, in tears, while her mom came to comfort her in a really interesting way. 

"Everything is s--t," she said, before lamenting that it would have been way better if Giannina said no and Damian had said yes. Gigi ended up being the one doing the comforting, while Damian was back at the venue being annoyed that Giannina ran away (after he said no to marrying her and blamed it all on her). 

He continued to be mad at her, and she was mad at him for making it all her fault, he was mad at her for saying it was all about her even though he was the one who said it was all her fault. She stormed off, and he was still over there thinking maybe there was a chance for them someday. Keep on dreaming, Damian. 


The next doomed nuptials belonged to Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase. Kenny was fully into Kelly, but Kelly couldn't get over how infatuated she was with her ex-boyfriend, and how she wasn't infatuated with Kenny. She loves Kenny, but she might not be in love with Kenny. And Kenny was concerned that they haven't had sex yet. 

Kenny ended up saying "I do," but Kelly couldn't do it. Kenny handled it like a champ, even if he did have a bit of a fit over the cameras following him around. Kelly just wasn't in love in the way she thought she should be in love! And please don't ask Kenny if he wants to still marry her in the future! 

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Up next was poor poor Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas. Jessica came right out of the gate quoting the classic Olsen twins movie It Takes Two, saying she came into this hoping for a "can't eat can't sleep over the fence world series" type of love. She forgot the "reach for the stars" part of the quote, but A for effort Jessica! 

She claimed she couldn't be happier, but we couldn't have been less shocked when, after watching Mark pour his heart out, 34 year-old Jessica just couldn't say yes to her 24 year-old fiance. He would have been better off taking his mom up on her offer to run away together. 

Cameron and Lauren closed things out on a happy note, and we were genuinely devastated to find that this thing didn't end with a "where are they now," especially since those weddings happened in November 2018. Is everybody who's together still together?! 

We're desperate to know, and we now know we will get to find out. A reunion featuring all the main couples (including Carlton and Diamond, who broke up in Mexico) has been filmed, and will be released on Netflix's Youtube page on Thursday, March 5.