Why Jessica Simpson's Major ''Accomplishment'' Is Sharing Her Book's Success With Her Kids

Jessica Simpson has touched many hearts with the release of her memoir. She tells E! News her biggest ''accomplishment'' has to be sharing her book's success with her kids.

By Alyssa Morin Feb 25, 2020 12:56 AMTags
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Jessica Simpson is feeling the love!

The 39-year-old star has a lot to be celebrate, especially with the release of her memoir, Open Book. In fact, it recently landed number one on the New York Times' best-seller list, which many authors know is no small feat.

However, for the beloved fashion mogul, she explained that her biggest "accomplishment" (so far) is enjoying her memoir's success with her three children—Maxwell Drew Johnson, Ace Knute Johnson and Birdie Mae Johnson—whom she shares with husband, Eric Johnson.

On Saturday, Jessica opened up to E! News about her family's overwhelming support over her memoir.

"I'm so proud to share this moment with my family, with my children. They're so excited, they're so in awe," she said at the Create and Cultivate event in Los Angeles. "'Oh, that's what mommy was doing when she says she's writing a book.'"

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"Max was like, 'You wrote a chapter book, mom.' It's just so cute, they're really proud of me," she expressed with the biggest smile on her face. "That pride that my children have of me, there is no better accomplishment."

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She said her kids have read "some parts" of her book and she's "talked openly" with them about certain topics.

With that, Jessica explained she was "proud" of herself for being honest and candid about her life in the memoir.

"I'm so proud of myself for sharing these experiences. It's one of those things where it's all out there, I have nothing to hide, I'm not ashamed of anything," she shared. "In my mistakes, now, I can own them, lead with them and show that I am not perfect and I don't want to be perfect."

Aside from the fact that Open Book has been an "overwhelming" and "joyous" experience for the star, nothing compares to how people have reacted to her story.

"I didn't realize how much this book would actually speak to people because, you know, I'm just opening up about myself, my mistakes and choices," she told us. "There's so many moments in the book that relate to so many different people."

However, her number one fan throughout this journey is none other than her husband.

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The fashion icon revealed her NFL star husband, whom she married in 2014, has been cheering her on during this process.

"Eric is such a spiritual, intellectual human... he's so soulful that anything that I was writing down, he was like, 'Yes, yes... Use that. Use that,'" Jessica shared. "He really just encouraged me to navigate through my own stuff and he never put on me things that I shouldn't be sharing."

She added, "He's been so supportive with all the guy talk. He's so confident in himself and our relationship and our love that it doesn't affect us that way."

Pretty soon, the happy couple will have another thing to celebrate with each other: their baby girl's first birthday.

"I can't believe Birdie is almost one," the mother-of-three excitedly said. "She is seriously the cherry on top. She's the greatest blessing through all of this. I never expected to get pregnant, I wasn't trying to get pregnant but all of a sudden, with my new life and new perspective, I have this new human that's just an angel."

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