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Kris Picks Her Favorite, Gaga's Love Game & Beckham's Obsession - Nightly Pop 02/27/2020

What would you do if your ex started dating Lady Gaga? That happened to NY Times editor Lindsay Crouse and she wrote an article about it. Plus, find out who the "KUWTK" momager's current fave of the day of her all her daughters in a new interview with Ellen. Plus David Beckham talks about his love of Legos. And so much more on "Nightly Pop." Take a listen.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Brawl, Critics vs. Malika & Oprah Doesn't Sext - Nightly Pop 02/26/20

The Kardashian sisters get physicals in the new KUWTK teaser. Is the fighting fake or are they actually brawling? Khloe's BFF offends the internet with her post-baby plastic surgery plans. The trolls are coming at her. In a new interview with Ashely Graham, we learn that Oprah Winfrey doesn't sext. And in the latest tease for the Love is Blind Finale episode, contestant Giannina is seen running in her wedding dress. Will Giannina and Damian say I do?  We discuss all of this and much more.

Pete Davidson's Shady Ex, Tyra Banks' ModelLand & Bat-Lick Crazy - Nightly Pop 02/25/20

In a new video, Pete Davidson calls ex- girlfriend Ariana Grande the "queen of shade." Is Pete a what you see a what you get guy? Tyra Banks is the queen of selling $1,500 theme park tickets to her ModelLand attraction. Plus, Jules Wainstein got arrested for licking her ex's car window, taking a bat to his car, and punching him in the face! We discuss all this and much more!

Khloe Welcomes Morgan to E!, Pilot Pete's Rose for Nina & Hunter's Thirst Traps -Nightly Pop 02/24/2019

Khloe Kardashian has a warm welcome for Morgan Stewart and her "Monday" Pop show. Pilot Pete is saving Nina Parker from Hunter March's endless advances in a new video and even asked her to join the mile high club with him. Morgan had a brief Elizabeth Holmes phase that no one appreciated. And Dua Lipa gave Hunter a hard pass and won't be sliding into his dms anytime soon, but thats alright because he will always have a great since of motivation. 

Dua Lipa's Most Daring Looks

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