The One Tree Hill Cast Reunites: See All the Nostalgia-Inducing Photos

Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton, James Lafferty and more One Tree Hill stars reunite. See all the photos!

By Cydney Contreras Feb 24, 2020 1:20 AMTags
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Alexa, play "I Don't Wanna Be", by Gavin DeGraw.

It's been 8-years since the last episode of One Tree Hill aired and yet when the cast reunited on Saturday in Tree Hill, North Carolina, it was like no time had passed. In photos shared by Hilarie Burton, nearly every star from the One Tree Hill family hugged and rejoiced as they all got together for the first time in awhile.

"I got a job when I was 20-years-old that gave me some of the most important relationships and experiences of my life. I didn't take nearly enough pictures this weekend and didn't get photo evidence of everyone, but I love @raenia23 at @fwbcharityevents for bringing us all together," the actress said. "Thick and thin, our shared history has been a cornerstone in my life. Love you guys." While Bethany Joy Lenz and Sophia Bush were unable to make it, James LaffertyChad Michael MurrayAntwon Tanner, Jana KramerStephen Colletti and so many more stars did. 

And in one adorable pic, Hilarie shared a "really special" picture of her and some of the stars who were in the first ever episode of the series. 

Jana Kramer Dancing to "One Tree Hill" Theme on "DWTS"

"We had so many brilliant cast mates over the years. But this bunch of crazies are the original cast from the very first pilot episode. Most of us got a script called 'Ravens'. We were little kids with a whole lotta hope. Nathan. Tim. Lucas. Peyton. Skills. Mouth. Jimmy. The OGs of Tree Hill High," she wrote.

To see more nostalgia-inducing photos from the event, check out the gallery below!

20th Anniversary Reunion

Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, Danneel Ackles, Bevin Prince, Stephen Colletti, Austin Nichols, Matt Barr and more stars ofreunited for a 20th anniversary celebration thrown by FWB Charity Events in November 2023.

Old Friends

"Got to hang out with some great humans this weekend," Austin wrote in November 2023. "Old friends. Old stories. Lots of laughs. And made a bunch of new friends. Thank you to everyone who made this happen!"

Uncle Cooper!

Michael Trucco and James Lafferty photoshopped a sign to pay tribute to the show. "Sign seems legit," Michael wrote. "Always a good day when I get to spend time catching up with my buddy/nephew."

Friends Forever

James Lafferty and Bryan Greenberg had a mini One Tree Hill reunion and were joined by Jamie Chung and Alexandra Park.

The O.G.'s

As Hilarie shared, these three will always be there for another, through "thick and thin."


Fans were loving this reunion, including Kristin Cavallari, who commented a heart on the post.

Double Trouble

Hilarie and Robert give the camera a cheeky look in this selfie.

Girl Power

It's safe to say these former cast mates will be BFFs.

Say Cheese

Clearly, someone cannot contain their excitement over this reunion. 

Cooper's Return

Throughout the many seasons of One Tree Hill, fans got to know and love many a character, including Michael Trucco's Cooper. As die-hard fans will recall, the conniving Rachel seduced Cooper and tricked him into thinking she was having his baby in the second season. The gig was up, however, when they both got in a car accident and she had to confess she lied about the whole thing, thus leading to Cooper's exit. 

Angel of Death

Hilarie poses with the famous Angel of Death character that used to plague her.