First Look at Bravo's Camp Getaway: Hot Hookups, Difficult Guests & Lots of Drama

See all the drama to come at Camp Getaway, a 300-acre adults-only camp experience!

By Alyssa Ray Feb 24, 2020 7:00 PMTags
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A camp unlike any other.

That's what viewers will witness when they tune in to Camp Getaway when it premieres Monday, May 4 at 10 p.m. on Bravo. Camp Getaway, the newest upstairs/downstairs style reality show to join the network, follows a group of counselors as they work on "a 300-acre summer camp for adults."

Yep, you read that correctly. The camp is an adults-only experience, where guests can let loose—as well as the counselors. Thankfully, we have an exclusive first look at the wild retreat above.

"It's like the opposite of adulting," one counselor notes in the just released footage.

In addition to traditional camp activities, such as bike riding, swimming, etc., the camp has themed dance parties, mimosas and so much more. All of this is achieved thanks to Camp Getaway's Owner/Camp Director David Schreiber, Executive Camp Director Claire Sorrels and the dedicated counselors, including Adam Mizrahi, Gavin Stewart, Glen North, Monica O'Neal, Neely Fortune, Nile Lundgren, Randall Klein and Sophia D'Angelo.

While many of the counselors have day jobs like "real estate broker," "clinical psychologist" and more, on the weekends, they're dedicated to the whims of the Camp Getaway guests.

In fact, owner David warns "it's not all sunshine, S'mores and smiles."

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Case in point: two counselors are seen being yelled at by one camper about her pesco-vegetarian diet.

"I need some eggs, I need some shrimp, I need some fish," the guest rattles off.

Additionally, another guest asks two social coordinators if it's true that "they'll do anything" for the campers. Yet, one counselor may have the toughest job at Camp Getaway as he's in charge of collecting goose feces.

"Horrible managing social coordinators," Camp Director Claire notes in a confessional. "They don't want to be managed, they just want to have fun."

And it appears the counselors have plenty of fun, one might say, too much fun. As is teased in the clip above, love triangles, tears and employee termination is on the horizon for Camp Getaway's counselors.

For a closer look at Camp Getaway's counselors, be sure to look through the images below!

David Schreiber

Owner/Camp Director

David Schreiber is the owner and director of Camp Getaway, who has been passionate about the outdoors since his days at summer camp as a kid. In 2012, he took this passion to the next level and purchased Camp Getaway with the vision to create the ultimate adult camping experience. While he leaves the daily management to Senior Director, Claire, David makes sure to always have the final word on who gets hired…or fired. He might not be a micro-manager, but one thing's for sure - David doesn't hold back if things aren't running up to his high standards. 

Claire Sorrels

Executive Camp Director

Claire Sorrels is the Senior Director at Camp Getaway and David's right-hand woman. Having worked at Camp Getaway for over a decade, Claire oversees the staff during weekend adult camps to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Claire can defuse tensions before they escalate into problems, but still must handle some full-blown drama. She's earned the reputation of "Mama Bear" thanks to her tough-love tendencies with the staff. Claire is the type to yell at a staffer one minute and console them about their breakup the next. Her high standards and years of experience make her a trustworthy leader not to be messed with.

Adam Mizrahi

Adam Mizrahi has been on the Camp Getaway staff for the past three years. As resident adventurer of the group, he constantly seeks thrills – whether hiking, diving, or finding a romantic prospect. Adam leads several activities at camp, but is often spotted organizing drinking games for the guests. Adam is fluent in friendly banter and making connections and considers them great assets for his job.

Monica O'Neal

Six years before joining the staff, Dr. Monica O'Neal was first a guest at Camp Getaway. A respected, sought-out psychologist, Dr. Monica comes to camp to be just Monica for the weekend, though she still offers her "shoot from the hip" brand of advice. Smart, funny, and unfiltered, no subject is off the table for Monica, a quality that makes her a camp favorite with guests and staff...though it rubs a few the wrong way. To Monica, having fun in the woods, with her Rosé on Rosé in hand, is ultimately what camp is about.

Neely Fortune

Neely is full of surprises, positivity, and an eagerness to please. As an Activity Coordinator with many interests and passions, she always strives to bring her bubbly, positive energy to the guests. This ex-beauty queen turned survival skills teacher won't diminish her big personality to appease anyone. But don't let her pageant past fool you, she's as tough as nails and isn't afraid to prove it.

Nile Lundgren

Nile Lundgren brings his big energy and generous dose of self-confidence to the staff at Camp Getaway as an Activity Coordinator. Originally from Connecticut, Nile went to the school only half of a mile away from Camp Getaway, so he is eager to return home.  Today Nile is New York City based and works during the week as a real estate broker. He's new to the Camp Getaway team and thinks the adults-only camp is just what he needs to escape the real world and return to his roots. His bold and brash ways are sure to catch the attention of staffers and campers alike.

Sophia D'Angelo

Business owner, southern belle, and self-confessed perfectionist, Sophia D'Angelo is a picture-perfect Event Coordinator at Camp Getaway. Her personality and sweet smile are infectious to even the most hard-shelled city folk. During the week, Sophia is founder and CEO of an Experiential Marketing company, but on the weekend Sophia comes to Camp Getaway to escape her 80-hour work week in search of some lighthearted fun.

Glen North

Glen North lights up any room he enters. This former musical theater performer brings his sizzle to Camp Getaway as a Social Coordinator. Glen is a jack-of-all trades when it comes to performing, personal training, dancing and everything in between. He lives authentically and encourages others to do the same. This summer, Glen is looking to share his passion for the arts while searching for romance at Camp Getaway.

Gavin Stewart

Gavin Stewart is a Connecticut-born, NYC accountant who works hard during the week and is looking for a bit of R&R during his time off. Fresh out of a long-term relationship, he appreciates the attractions – and distractions – that Camp Getaway brings. His confidence, optimistic outlook, and great reputation make him the ultimate package for anyone looking for a summer fling.

Randall Klein

To be a good Social Coordinator requires a bubbly and outgoing personality, and Randall Klein loves nothing more than to meet new people and make them laugh. On the weekends, she's ready to take a break from her true passion of being an educator to escape the big city and provide Camp Getaway campers with a memorable weekend... and of course, some carefree flirting. She is ready for some summer sun, summer fun, and perhaps to meet the one!

Camp Getaway premieres Monday, May 4 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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