Viral "Shallow" Subway Singer Blows Us Away Again With Ariana Grande Cover

Viral “Shallow” subway singer Charlotte Awbery is wowing fans yet again with more covers. See her rendition of Ariana Grande and Whitney Houston favorites.

By Mike Vulpo Feb 21, 2020 5:57 PMTags
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A true star has been born!

Earlier this week, Charlotte Awbery went viral after video creator Kevin Freshwater shared a clip of the subway rider playing a game of "Finish the Lyric."

When Kevin approached Charlotte and asked her to complete the lyrics to Lady Gaga's big hit "Shallow," her voice and powerful vocals got everyone talking for all the right reasons.

"OMG WOW! I am completely blown away! Thank you all so so much for the response, comments, kind messages and general love from everyone," Charlotte shared on Instagram. "In the words of @ladygaga I'm ‘speechless' X."

A few curious fans decided to look into Charlotte a little more. And guess what they found? More amazing covers you have to see to believe.

On Charlotte's Twitter feed, the professional singer showcased various renditions of songs from artists like Ariana Grande and Whitney Houston. Once you watch, you'll be asking yourself: Where is her record deal?!

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"I love @ArianaGrande!" she wrote online. "Check out a capture when I covered ‘No Tears Left to Cry.'"

So what does Charlotte have to say to other aspiring singers?

"Never give up of your dreams!" she wrote online. "I've been in this business for over 10 years. I never expected it to happen in such an unexpected and amateurish way."

Kick off the weekend and scroll through more covers from Charlotte including songs from Sia and even more Lady Gaga.