Feel Good Friday: This Week's Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

From two superstars surprising their fans going through tough times to

By Tierney Bricker Feb 21, 2020 6:00 PMTags
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It's Friday, so you know what that means: it's time for some feel good stories!

In this week's installment of our Feel Good Friday franchise, we've got some heartwarming stories that are guaranteed to send you into the weekend with a smile, whether they involved a recently orphaned koala receiving some much needed comfort from an unlikely source and two superstars giving their respective dedicated fans—who are facing their own hardships—the surprise of a lifetime when they least expected it. And yes, you should totally go grab the tissues because you are probably going to cry at least twice while watching the videos.

Plus, a woman took the Internet by storm when she showed off unexpected vocal prowess and a service animal became the talk of Twitter after he embarked on his first-ever flight. But the cutest Feel Good story might just be a young girl deciding to have her birthday party at her favorite place in the world: Target!

Feel Good Friday: This Week's Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

So get ready to smile or shed a tear or two as you check out this week's Feel Good Friday offerings...

This Birthday Party Hit the Bullseye

And you thought you loved Target!

The Internet couldn't get over 8-year-old Brayden's decision to have her birthday party at her local Target after her aunt Rikki Jackson shared a photo of the young girl in a Target employee uniform at her party. After receiving uniforms, walkies and name-tags, guests got to do a scavenger hunt and enjoyed a Target-themed birthday cake. 

"When she asked for a Target party, our heads were spinning because we were like, first, how do you even have a party in a store and second, what are we doing for entertainment? But it was seriously such a blast and we can't thank the Campcreek Target and Albert, the manager, enough," Rikki shared with E! News after the celebrations. "They were so welcoming and accommodating. Brayden hasn't stopped talking about it!"

The Snuggle Is Real

An orphaned koala that was rescued after losing her mother in the devastated Australian bushfires received comfort from an unlikely source: a stuffed animal. 

Paul Ramos, a veterinarian who has been helping animals affected by the fires, shared a video of the koala being given the toy by a women in the office, with the baby marsupial immediately latching onto the toy in a tender embrace. 

In a separate video, Ramos explained the roles teddy bears play in helping the koalas recover.

"They need things like this," Ramos, who was at Mosswood Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Victoria, said. "Them being, like, arboreal or tree-dwelling creatures, they need to hold onto things. So when they're transported or they come out of anesthetic, they need something to hold onto. So, literally, they'll wake up with a teddy bear. So, we have these teddy bear drives.

Fred in First Class

Passengers on a recent flight in Texas received quite the surprise when they spotted a miniature service horse named Freckle Butt Fred in first class.

"A horse I should say a cute horse was on my flight," Representative Norma Torres tweeted on Feb. 8. And it turns out, it was the animal's first-ever flight.

The animal, unmissable in a bright blue coverlet and badges that declared him a service horse, belongs to Ronica Froese, who took to social media to recap Fred's first flying experience. She also thanked the American Airlines crew members on her flight, writing, Their excitement to have a legit service horse on board and in first class no less was a breathe of fresh air." She also thanked her fellow passengers for "being kind." 


A Viral Star Is Born

A woman named Charlotte Awbery went viral, thanks to her random rendition of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Oscar-winning song "Shallow," from A Star Is Born. Just days ago, video creator Kevin Freshwater to took Facebook to share a segment of "Finish the Lyrics." In the video, Kevin can be seen asking various people to finish the lyrics of popular songs, including Charlotte who unexpectedly showed off her powerful vocals when asked t o complete the lyrics to the Oscar-winning duet. 

Like Kevin soon said after hearing the aspiring singer-songwriter sing: "Brilliant." 

All the Time to Cry

Billie Eilish teamed up with Capital Breakfast radio show host Roman Kemp to help deliver an epic surprise to Marissa, her 16-year-old superfan who serves as a caregiver for her diabetic mom and her brother, who battles severe learning disabilities.

Invited onto the show to talk about her roller coaster life and how the 18-year-old Grammy winner has inspired her, Marissa had no idea Billie was sneaking up on her as she spoke. And when she turned around to see her idol standing there, she immediately began crying, with the two soon hugging in a moment that is guaranteed to make your eyes rain a bit.

After speaking about mental health, Marissa told the "No Time to Die" singer, I just want to say I love you." Billie's response? "I love you. This has been an amazing interview." 

Diddy Doing Good

In another heartwarming example of a celebrity surprising their fans, Sean "Diddy" Combs surprised a group of young fans who are all battling cancer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, with the group of kids from Fighting All Monsters, a nonprofit organization that supports families with children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. A video of the children set to Diddy's hit song "Bad Boy for Life" recently went viral, with the group explaining the lyrics had special meaning to them. 

While Ellen initially played a video message from Diddy apologizing that he couldn't be there to meet them in-person, promising they would all be "dancing together one day soon," the rap mogul came out much to the surprised delight of the kids and began dancing with them. Diddy said he was "so touched" by their video, and Ellen then revealed Shutterfly was donating $25,000 to the FAM organization. They ain't going nowhere!