Did Nancy Ruin Geoffrey's "Perfect" Dress on Project Runway?

There's drama in the Project Runway workroom as designer Geoffrey Mac tries to figure out what happened to his perfect dress!

By Alyssa Ray Feb 20, 2020 8:00 PMTags

Drama in the workroom.

In this exclusive clip from tonight's all-new Project Runway, designer Geoffrey Mac is left thoroughly pissed after someone's carelessness with an iron ruins his perfect pink dress. Specifically, the iron Geoffrey is using on his completed piece is covered in black residue from a previous design.

"This dress went from perfect to absolute crap in, you know, three seconds," the 42-year-old designer laments in a confessional.

In an attempt to figure out what has happened, Geoffrey shows the ironing disaster to peers Victoria Cocieru and Sergio Guadarrama. While Victoria is shocked by the snafu, Sergio wonders if hot glue could've been to blame.

"I'm gonna kill someone," a frustrated Geoffrey expresses.

Of course, since only two of the contestants have black designs, Geoffrey narrows down the culprits' list to Nancy Volpe-Beringer or Brittany Allen. However, in a passing remark, Brittany makes it known that "it wasn't me."

"It's definitely too late to fix at this point," Geoffrey relays later on. "I'm just gonna take a deep breath and pray the judges are a bit forgiving."

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As tension rises in the workroom, Nancy finds herself pondering if she has caused the ironing accident.

"I hope it wasn't me," the Philadelphia resident notes to the Project Runway camera. "I'm pretty careful, but everything is so crazy and rushed, it's possible."

Unfortunately for Nancy, per the flashback footage in the clip above, she used the iron 10 minutes before Geoffrey's incident.

Will the judges forgive the black residue on Geoffrey's design? For that answer, be sure to catch tonight's all-new episode.

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