Watch James Marsden Totally Nail Impression of Jim Carrey

James Marsden appeared on Wednesday's episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden and did his best impression of Jim Carrey's character Fire Marshall Bill

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James Marsden, Jim CarreyYouTube, P. Lehman/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Jim Carrey is that you? 

James Marsden did his best impression of the 58-year-old comedic actor on Wednesday's episode of The Late Late Show.

The 46-year-old celeb was encouraged to impersonate Carrey after reading a secret note from their Sonic co-star Ben Schwartz. The Parks and Recreation alum had appeared on James Corden's show the day before and had hidden a mysterious message for Marsden in between the cushions of The Late Late Show's couch. Schwartz told Corden Marsden had to read the note out loud…no matter what it said. 

"This is an essay," Marsden said after discovering the letter. 

In the note, Schwartz poked fun at Marsden's role in X-Men and urged The Notebook actor to do his impression of Fire Marshall Bill.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Carrey played Fire Marshall Bill on the '90s series In Living Color.

"I would go to school doing impressions of his impressions," Marsden explained. "That's how I got laughs in high school."

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Marsden admitted he's never done the impression for Carrey, noting he's "too scared" to do it. However, he was willing to do the impersonation for The Late Late Show's viewers.

So, how did he do? Let's just say you'll have to see for yourself.

"For those people who just tuned in, they're like, 'Did James Marsden just have a stroke?'" Marsden said with a laugh after finishing the routine.

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Watch the above video to see Marsden mimic Carrey's character and speak with Corden and fellow guest Anya Taylor-Joy.