The Weeknd Sings About Having Sex and Wanting Kids in New Song "After Hours"

The Weeknd dropped his new song "After Hours" on Wednesday and it appears to be about an ex. To hear the tune, check out the video below.

By Elyse Dupre Feb 19, 2020 2:42 PMTags
The WeekndSteven Ferdman/WireImage

The Weeknd dropped his new song "After Hours" on Wednesday.

In the track, the 30-year-old artist appeared to sing about an ex.

"Oh, baby/Where are you now when I need you most?" he sang in the chorus. "I'd give it all just to hold you close/Sorry that I broke your heart, your heart."

He also promised to "treat you better than I did before" and to "hold you down and not let you go."

"This time, I won't break your heart," he continued.

At one point in the song, the crooner appeared to take responsibility for the heartbreak.

"I know it's all my fault/Made you put down your guard," he sang. "I know I made you fall/I said you were wrong for me/I lied to you, I lied to you, I lied to you/Can't hide the truth, I stayed with her in spite of you/You did some things that you regret, still right for you/'Cause this house is not a home."

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He also admitted his "heart belongs to you."

"Thought I almost died in my dream again," he sang in the opening verse. "Fightin' for my life, I couldn't breathe again/I'm fallin' into new/Without you goin' smooth/ 'Cause my heart belongs to you/I'll risk it all for you/I won't just leave/This time, I'll never leave."

He then continued, "I wanna share babies/Protection, we won't need/Your body next to me/Is just a memory/I'm fallin' in too deep/Without you, I'm asleep/It's on me, only me/Talk to me/Without you, I can't breathe."

At another point, he vowed to "never let you down again."

"Never comin' through/I was running away from facin' reality/Wastin' all of my time on living my fantasies/Spendin' money to compensate, compensate/'Cause I want you, baby/I'll be livin' in Heaven when I'm inside of you/It was definitely a blessing, wakin' beside you/I'll never let you down again, again," he sang.


While The Weeknd, a.k.a. Abel Tesfaye, didn't name any names, a few fans suspected the tune was a reference to Bella Hadid.

"Bella crying after this or nah?" one follower tweeted.

"When Bella Hadid breaks his heart, we all win" added another.

"LETS GOOOOOOOOO," wrote a third. "This song is 100% about Bella."

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The Weeknd and Hadid have made headlines for years over their on-again, off-again romance. Back in August, E! News reported the two had called it quits again. They then sparked reconciliation rumors in October after he was spotted at the model's birthday party; however, E! News learned he attended as a "friend."

The Weeknd also dated Selena Gomez in 2017. However, they broke up after less than a year together.

To hear the song, check out the video above.