Shahs of Sunset Star Mercedes "MJ" Javid's Son Just Spoke His First Word: Find Out What It Was!

The Bravo star talks motherhood, baby milestones and what's surprised her most about parenting

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Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes "MJ" Javid's son just hit a major milestone!

E! News chatted with the Bravo star about motherhood and family life and MJ revealed her 10-month-old baby boy Shams had a big first this week.

"He spoke his first word yesterday," MJ told E! News exclusively on Thursday, adding, "And he's pulling himself up to stand."
MJ added that her and husband Tommy Feight's boy's first word was "mama." "So cute I almost died," she gushed. "And it was right in front of Tommy so he got super jealous…Tommy said it doesn't count until he says the word five times."

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MJ likened motherhood to, "Life on another level that you never thought was possible. Like every moment is a dream come true, honestly. Even if there's challenges, it's so amazing. You know, you thought you love somebody and then you have a baby."

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Javid also revealed what's surprised her most about parenting
"I really stopped taking care of myself," she said before stressing the importance of self-care. "You really, really, really have to go out of your way, for me anyway. You really have to go out of your way to do something for yourself. And that could be as something as simple as eyedrops, moisturizer, you know taking care of yourself. You just want to care for the baby. And I never thought I was going to be so selfless. I thought I was too selfish to ever neglect myself...I never knew time was gonna go by fast as it as it has with the baby. And I surprised myself how little interest I have in doing anything that isn't for him, for my son."

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