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Bieber Flubs Vows, Nicki Is Jelly & Snoop's Sorry Like It's Not - Nightly Pop 02/13/2020
Looks like Justin could've used a bit more prep time with his vows...Get all the inside details of the "Yummy" singer's wedding. Nicki Minaj gets jealous at a fashion show when models got a little too close to her husband Kenneth Petty. What's the etiquette on acknowledging a hot person when you're with your significant other? Plus much more. Take a listen.

Peter's Producer, Khloe Ditched & Jennifer Aniston's Tate - Nightly Pop 02/12/20
Bachelor fans have a conspiracy theory about who Peter Weber ends up with. Will Peter end up with one of the producers? Khloe Kardashian blames her KUWTK sister for ruining the Oscars. Khloe posted that Kourtney ruined her night while Kourtney claims Khloe ditched her. Should we all join Raya and date Ben Affleck? We discuss all this and much more!

Viral Broom Challenge, Olivia Jade's Fake Resume & Harley Quinn's New Name - Nightly Pop 02/11/20
Everyone is talking about Olivia Jade's fake resume which claims she's a two time gold medal winning rowing champion. Birds of Prey has now been renamed as Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. The viral broom challenge proved that brooms will stand up everyday of the year. And what's more regrettable, fake tattoos or mermaid romance? We discuss all of this and much more!

Keanu's Mommy Mix-Up, Leo's Big Step & Blac Chyna at the Oscars? - Nightly Pop 02/10/20
Awkwaaard…Photo agencies identify Keanu Reeves' mom as his girlfriend Alexandra. Does Keanu have a type? Is this an Oedipus complex? The moment we didn't know we needed from the Oscars: Martin Scorsese watching Eminem. Plus, Leonardo DiCaprio brings girlfriend Camila Morrone to the Oscars. And WTF is Blac Chyna doing there? We solved the mystery. Take a listen.

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty: Romance Rewind

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