Why Jennifer Aniston Thought She "Landed on Mars" After Moving to Los Angeles

Jennifer Aniston thought she “landed on Mars” after moving from New York to Los Angeles. See her candid—and hilarious—chat with close friend Sandra Bullock now

By Mike Vulpo Feb 11, 2020 7:18 PMTags
Jennifer Aniston, Interview Magazine Alique/Interview Magazine

There's no place like Los Angeles.

Sure, the weather is perfect almost 365 days of the year. And it's the only state where you have to add a "the" before mentioning which freeway you're driving on.

But in a new interview with close friend Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston is the first to admit that the move from New York to Los Angeles was an interesting one.

"This conversation of women supporting women is new, but I think we have been doing it for a long time. When I landed in Los Angeles at 20 years old and I fell into those girls who are still sitting around the table today, they were on a different path," Jennifer explained in Interview magazine. "I'd never had a circle of women who got together and talked forever. I was like, ‘God, these California people don't shut up. They talk about their feelings and cry in front of each other.' I said to myself, ‘Here I am, a girl who grew up in New York City, and now I find myself in Laurel Canyon, wearing a flowery dress and someone put a crystal around my neck and is burning sage around my head. I have landed on Mars.'"

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She continued, "But I really think it was something that saved me. This is a really tough business that we're in that is not always kind or inclusive or supportive. A lot of the time, it's the opposite. I remember going to auditions and girls would never want to share anything. Or they would talk to you during your auditions to distract you when they knew you were trying to work on your stuff."

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Sandra would interject and admit "that was me, by the way, who did that to you."

All jokes aside, both Sandra and Jennifer are excited to still have special opportunities in a business that is always changing. Most recently, Jennifer appeared in The Morning Show with another close friend named Reese Witherspoon. It's a special opportunity that the actress is absolutely grateful for.

"Think of the generation ahead of us. So many of those women were put out to pasture when they were 40, and the fact that we get to still be working and are actually coming into our most creative adventures ever at this point in our life—we're rewriting that narrative that society sort of plastered on us," she explained. "I remember the messaging to me even in my 30s was, ‘Don't play a mom, and if you do play a mom make sure it's to a 3-year-old kid.'"

She continued, "That's not the case anymore. You've sustained the same career from the time you were in your wee 20s. Is it just a fortunate window of time that we got to enter into the business when we did, and so this moment is happening? Whatever it is, we won't ever be able to know because who gives a s--t, it's happening."

Read Jennifer and Sandra's full sit-down interview online now.