Queer Eye Star Bobby Berk Reveals His Personal Connection to Brad Pitt

The Queer Eye opened up about his surprising connection to the legendary Hollywood actor. Click to read about the one thing they both have in common.

By Vannessa Jackson Feb 10, 2020 10:17 PMTags
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It's not a red carpet without an appearance from Queer Eye

On Sunday night, most of the men from Queer Eye made an appearance together at a Hollywood event celebrating the 2020 OscarsBobby BerkAntoni PorowskiTan France and Jonathan Van Ness rocked the red carpet and stopped to chat with E! News about the exciting night ahead. "Healthy boundaries for getting dressed, but than zero boundaries when we're all together. That's usually our protocol," Porowski dished about their technique for getting ready for big events

When it came down to who they were all rooting for when it came to the big awards, Berk shared an interesting tidbit with the world about his relationship to Oscar winner Brad Pitt. "Brad, of course," Berk shared about who he was rooting for. "He's from my same high school in Missouri."

Turns out, before they were both major Hollywood talent, they were just students at Kickapoo High School in Missouri. It's a small world after all! 

Bobby Berk - 2019 Emmys E! Glambot

As for who the other fellows of the Fab Five were rooting for, Van Ness may have had the nicest answer. "I just want everyone to win," he shared. "I'm happy for everyone." Nice or not, it didn't stop his co-star Porowski from poking a little fun at his sweet response. "Yes, maybe it will be the first time everybody wins. I like that. I like that," he joked.

Little did Van Ness know, he would actually turn out to be a fortune teller. He finally let E! News know who he was rooting for, and turns out he was right on the money. "I mean obviously if I was a betting person I would say that Joaquin Phoenix is going to take it home tonight for Best Actor, but I'm excited for everyone to win," Van Ness revealed.  

He should have taken that bet!