Presley Gerber wants you to say it to his face. 

On Friday, the 20-year-old model and famed son of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber revealed some very visible new ink: a face tattoo of the word "Misunderstood." 

The tat was done by celebrity tattoo artist Jonathan "JonBoy" Valena, who quipped "Sorry mom" on his own Instagram page while unveiling his latest creation. "Thanks homie," Gerber captioned a video of JonBoy at work on his face. 

It didn't take long for the Internet to react to Gerber's newest and very obvious tat with many not taking kindly to the model's decision. "But whhhhhhy?" one Instagram comment read. "Are face tats becoming an 'in' thing? Sweet Jesus. The only thing misunderstood is that tattoo. You just ruined your canvas."

"You'll regret that decision VERY soon," another warned. 

"Luckily Cindy Crawford has a lot of access to tequila," a comment from quipped, referencing her husband's Casamigos brand. 

Presley has since answered questions addressed critics in an Instagram Live

When asked what the meaning of the "Misunderstood" tattoo is, Gerber simply responded, "I don't feel very understood I guess."

According to Page Six, he reportedly also told viewers, "If I thought this was going to ruin my face or I didn't want this, I wouldn't have done it. I think that's a pretty obvious thing."

As for the haters, Presley wants to give you his address. 

"I just wanted to come on here and be like, if anyone has s&!t to say to me about this or anything else and my family or how I grew up or anything," he said, "I will give you my address, I promise, and you can come say it to my face."

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