90 Day Fiancé Season 7: Who Got Married, Who's Fighting and So Much DIY

Not every couple from 90 Day Fiancé season seven made it down the aisle

By Chris Harnick Feb 10, 2020 1:15 PMTags

It's the wedding time on 90 Day Fiancé. The final proper episode of season seven aired on Sunday, Feb. 9 with SO many weddings. But not every couple made it down the aisle this season.

Late addition to the season Angela and Michael never tied the knot. After much discussion, Angela was told it would be better if she and Michael wed in Nigeria, however an official told her she would be wise to bring somebody back from America with her to be the witness, otherwise the nuptials may not hold up. So, the two departed once more with plans to wed in Nigeria…or call the whole thing off if Michael gets good news about the K-1 visa. At least they have necklaces with each other's name now…

Angela and Michael weren't the only couple not to wed…

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Mike and Natalie
Following Mike's final day in the Ukraine and the very awkward interview where Natalie couldn't say if she loved him, the two kind of stopped speaking. A video call with cameras present didn't go very well. Mike asked her if she still loved him, but she made him answer first. The two went back and forth about their final day together and he said she cut him deep. But what did she do? Natalie wasn't keen to admit she did anything wrong and refused to apologize. Then, she said how could she come to America with somebody she has trust issues with. This prompted a question from a producer about what happened off camera. Mike said he didn't know what was going through her head.

"I'm not doing it no more," he said. "She's driving me nuts."

Mike concluded, "F—k this relationship."

Anna and Mursel
Mursel returned from Turkey, ready to marry Anna and steam his own shirt. The race was on once the two reunited at the airport, they had just hours to spare before the visa ran out. "It was an emotional moment," Mursel said about his return.

With the help of Anna's friends—but not her eldest son or mother—the two got married just in the nick of time.

Tania and Syngin
Despite still getting over the whole, "I don't think you're my soulmate" thing, Syngin and Tania made their way to an Airbnb to get married. They were hours behind setting up the DIY wedding. Like, guests arrived while they were still setting up tables. But despite the lateness, and Syngin's own nerves, the two did it up. Instead of a white dress she wore black, instead of rings they got tattoos. Yep.

Blake and Jasmin
Jasmin had never been to a wedding, and had no part in planning her own, except for getting a white dress. Instead of the courthouse wedding, they got married in a park with family and Blake's friends who continued to doubt the relationship. Both were unsure if they would actually get married, but they defied their own doubts and did it up.

Robert and Anny
Robert was going through it. While he has five kids with four different women, he said he'd never been married for it and the thought made him excited and scared at the same time. Despite admitting to lots of second doubts, Robert and Anny got hitched. To make it right between them, he got down on one knee and gave Anny a ring while at the altar. Now? She said she wants five babies.

Michael and Juliana
These two got married last episode, but their lack of pre-nup came to light and didn't sit well with Michael's ex-wife Sarah. That's it.

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