The Best Audience Reactions During Eminem's Surprise Performance at the 2020 Oscars

Martin Scorsese, Zazie Beetz and more stars couldn't help but lose themselves during Enimem's surprise performance at the 2020 Oscars

By Tierney Bricker Feb 10, 2020 3:14 AMTags
Eminem, 2020 Oscars, Academy Awards, ShowKevin Winter/Getty Images

Well, the celebrities in attendance at the 2020 Oscars definitely took the title of the song literally.

In a surprise no one was anticipating, Eminem unexpectedly performed at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards on Sunday night, taking the stage at the end of a montage about iconic music moments in film history to perform "Lose Yourself," his Oscar winning song from 2001's 8 Mile. Sure, we really had no idea why exactly Eminem was performing when he wasn't nominated this year and it's not exactly a landmark anniversary of his win (which happened at the 2003 ceremony), but whatever, we'll take it because the audience reactions shows throughout the rapper's performance were so worth it. 

Bless the camera work that was done during "Lose Yourself," as celebs' reactions to his performance ranged from the befuddled (Idina Menzel) to the enthusiastic (Gal Gadot) to the sleepiest ( up, Martin Scorsese?!)

Check out some of the best audience shots during Eminem's performance...

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Idina Menzel was just confused. Like, really confused. 


Hamilton's Anthony Ramos was feeling it. 


So was Deadpool and Joker star Zazie Beetz, who was clearly on beat. 


Over it? Billie Eilish. Duh. 


Martin Scorsese just wants to go home, OK?


But Gal Gadot was clearly enjoying the mid-show surprise. 


So was Kelly Marie Tran!

As was Brie Larson, who seemed very amused. 


But no one was losing themselves more than this attendee.

And for the celebs not lucky enough to be in the room when it happened, well, that only had Twitter to express their reactions, along with some viewers.