The Jojo Rabbit Kids Are Having More Fun Than Anyone at the 2020 Oscars

Archie Yates and Roman Griffin Davis chat with E!'s Giuliana Rancic exclusively on the red carpet, and it's utterly adorable.

By McKenna Aiello Feb 09, 2020 11:40 PMTags
Watch: Watch "Jojo Rabbit" Stars' Adorable Argument at 2020 Oscars

The world needs more of Archie Yates and Roman Griffin Davis.

Jojo Rabbit's dynamic duo is taking the 2020 Oscars by storm, and they're pretty much the most adorable pair to grace the red carpet thus far. Archie and Roman caught up with E!'s Giuliana Rancic, where they quickly began bickering about their ages—because that's what the Oscars is for. 

"Well, he's really funny. He's basically the funniest child... the funniest person my age I know," Roman shared. 

Archie then chimed in, "I'm not your age. You're 13." Roman responded, "I'm not 13. You don't even know my age," before clarifying, "I mean my age bracket."

For the record, Roman is 12-years-old and Archie is fast approaching 11. 

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Now that Archie and Roman were able to settle that, what are they most excited for at the Oscars?

"There's like, what, 500 celebrities here so what's not to like?" Archie dished. Great point! 

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Jojo Rabbit is nominated for six Academy Awards tonight, including Best Picture.