Laura Dern Is Celebrating Her Birthday at the 2020 Oscars!

The Marriage Story actress might take home an Academy Award before turning 53 at midnight tonight!

By Brett Malec Feb 09, 2020 11:58 PMTags
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It's a big night for Laura Dern, in more ways than one!
Yes, the Marriage Story actress is nominated for Best Supporting Actress at tonight's 2020 Oscars, but come midnight she'll also be celebrating a birthday! That's right, the Hollywood icon turns 53 on Monday, Feb. 10.
"We have to find each other at the party, wish me happy birthday!" Dern told E! News' Ryan Seacrest exclusively on the Oscars red carpet
Seacrest joked that Dern will "hopefully [be] carrying something" later tonight during her celebrations (nothing like an Oscars trophy for a birthday present, right?!).
"Well, who knows, but I know all of my friends are here so we'll all be together," Dern, who brought her parents and children to tonight's ceremony, gushed.

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Birthday and nomination aside, Dern told E! she's "excited" to be here at Hollywood's biggest night. "I don't know, it feels like really good, loving energy. We are all close friends who have been in these movies together and have become really close because we've been doing press since August," she dished. "And it has got a very special feeling. I'm here with my mom, Diane Ladd, and my children…It really so it makes me very happy."
Dern also opened up to Seacrest about becoming close personal friends with her Marriage Story co-stars and director Noah Baumbach before filming the flick.
"Well, Adam Driver and Noah had done—this is their fourth film together, so they were already having conversations, and then we started to do the same. Really we talked about life, love, the kind of roles we wanted to play, and Noah then announced within some months that he wanted to tell a love story but through the lens of divorce, which was so bold and radical and beautiful. And didn't know what parts we would play and started to frame it," she said.
"It was amazing, he is such an incredible writer and filmmaker. And then I spent the other part of my year with his also partner in life, Greta Gerwig," Dern added, referencing her Little Women director and Baumbach's other half. "It's amazing to be here with both films and with them together."