RuPaul’s Dirty Charades Game Will Make You Blush

RuPaul showed Jimmy Fallon how to play Dirty Charades during his visit to The Tonight Show—and it's safe to say that the RuPaul Drag Race star didn't hold anything back.

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RuPaul, The Tonight Show Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

You better work!

On Thursday, RuPaul treated The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon audience to a round of his favorite game Dirty Charades. After sharing with host Jimmy Fallon that he loves to have a laugh, the RuPaul Drag Race star led the host in his raunchy version of the game, where popular movie, song and television titles have been changed with provocative terms.

Showing Jimmy how it's done, RuPaul acted out the first clue. Standing up, he emulated John Travolta's iconic hustle from Saturday Night Fever, which Jimmy recognized right away. But unbeknownst to the Saturday Night Live alum, the classic 1977 film had been altered to "Saturday Night Beaver" to fit the theme of the game.

Signaling Jimmy that he was close, RuPaul quickly began doing an impression of a beaver. Feeling bashful after learning the correct answer, Jimmy sunk in his seat and put his papers in front of his face.

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Now fully understanding the rules of the game, Jimmy jokingly told RuPaul, "You're in so much trouble." Unfazed, the star continued his beaver impression as Jimmy teased a clip from the season 12 premiere of RuPaul Drag Race, where Nicki Minaj makes a guest judge appearance

Still on the topic of the Emmy-winning reality series, Jimmy applauded RuPaul for creating such an empowering and positive show. Speaking to the show's success and why it resonates with viewers, RuPaul said, "I think it has to do with the tenacity of the human spirit. Everybody wants to root for the underdog."

"And these kids have come from homes where [their] mom and daddy have thrown them out," he continued. "But they said, ‘You know what, Mama? You know what, Daddy? Eff, y'all! I'ma do my own thang. I'ma do my own thang—Mama, you do you. Daddy, you do you. I'ma do me. I'ma go on RuPaul's Drag Race and I'm gonna do my thang."

With a copy of his history-making Vanity Fair cover handy, he held up the Holiday 2019 issue and added, "And look, she done on the cover of a magazine."

After relishing in being the first drag queen to grace the magazine's cover, the AJ and the Queen star couldn't help but gush over the fact that he'll be hosting SNL on Saturday with musical guest Justin Bieber. Showing off his sense of humor, RuPaul gave Jimmy a little refresher on what the show is. "It's a show they do here, right here in this building. It's called Saturday Night Live. And I'm hosting it."

Watch RuPaul give Jimmy a crash-course in Dirty Charades in the hilarious video above!

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RuPaul Drag Race season 12 premieres February 28 on VH1. 

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