Legacies Isn't Rid of Kai Parker Just Yet, Chris Wood Says

Chris Wood reveals what's next for Kai Legacies and talks all about the pit of black goo he had to crawl through at the end of his return episode

By Lauren Piester Feb 07, 2020 3:00 AMTags
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What a wild ride to the prison world that was. 

In tonight's episode of Legacies, Chris Wood made his return as Kai Parker, perhaps the most evil villain in the history of the Vampire Diaries universe—or at least the most irredeemable villain. After getting trapped in a prison world of the twins' own making, Alaric and daughters Josie and Lizzie each had their own journeys to go on.

Lizzie reunited with her questionable vampire boyfriend Sebastian, who had a whole plan for their future together. Josie did her best to figure out how to get out of that place, with some ill-advised help from Kai, and Alaric was faced with some extremely questionable decisions he had made, both recently and a decade ago. 

It turned out that Sebastian and several other former Salvatore students were all trapped in the prison world, sent there by Alaric and Emma when they didn't know what else to do with them. 

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Sebastian and Lizzie first had a beautiful day together, until it turned sour. He secretly fed her vampire blood, and had hoped she'd turn so they could spend eternity together. She didn't like this and tried to leave, but she crashed her car on the way when she was hit with a wave of something, all thanks to her twin sister. 

Josie, after going back and forth all episode with Kai, had landed on a last resort for getting out of the prison world. She broke the sand clock, hitting herself with black magic and causing Lizzie to pass out in the driver's seat.

Meanwhile, Kai jumped into the Malivore pit, erasing himself from memory (and covering Chris Wood in goo, which we'll talk about). He then crawled out of the pit right in front of the Necromancer, who has no idea who he's just happened upon. 

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So could Kai return, since he's now pals with the Necromancer? Chris Wood says yes. 

"They're not rid of Kai yet, and now that he's connected with the Necromancer through whatever that pit of darkness was, Malivore, he is now in touch with somebody who has these powers that can kind of summon evil creatures at will, and I guess I can say that that does not bode well for the Legacies heroes," he told us. "It seems a little like Kai could come back at any time to ruin their lives. Hopefully they don't have any plans booked or vacations, because I think he might be around." 

What does Kai want now that he's out of the prison world? What does he want in general? The answer, from Wood, is obviously terrifying. 

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"That's the scariest thing about Kai, I think. Most villains have a very clear ambition. They have a goal. There's something that they want to attain and they want to take the heroes down in order to get that," Wood says. "And Kai has those, but what's hard is that we never really are sure what his ultimate plan is. And sometimes we know what his plan is, and then it turns out his plan is something different, and he's been tricking everyone, even someone who's working with him. But at the end of the day, I think his go-to ambition in life is to seek and destroy, anyone and everyone who he encounters. For someone who doesn't really feel normal things or feel things at all, that's when he feels things, when he's pissing people off, or stirring the pot and causing suffering. It's his weird way of paying people back for the injustice he felt he was served as a kid, but he's just not in a great headspace, so it would be best for people to avoid him." 

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We also had to ask about that Malivore pit, and that black goo Kai crawled out of the pit covered in. It sounds like an actual nightmare. 

"It was a literal pit of black slime," Wood says. "It's a vegetable product, and it's made from the exact stuff that they used to slime people on Nickelodeon with, the green slime. And there's a literal vat of it and you have to climb into it, and it's very cold and very strange, and you kinda lose sense of what is up and down because it's not like water. It has a weird density to it. It was an experience, I will say. It was disgusting. Really disgusting."

We could think of worse punishments for Kai, but it's too bad Chris Wood had to go through that. Remind us never to become an actor on a show with a resident pit of goo. 

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.