Does This Sailing Yacht Guest Really Need Another Tequila on His Wedding Day?

While Guy solicits cocktails from stewards Madison and Georgia, his fiance tries on prospective wedding outfits in the cabin below (the ceremony is today).

By Emily Mae Czachor Feb 06, 2020 6:30 PMTags

Will this engaged charter guest make it down the aisle?

"Madison! Margarita people!" he calls from the deck of Parsifal III, addressing second and third stewards Madison Stalker and Georgia Grobler in this clip from Monday's new Below Deck Sailing Yacht. The guest, Guy, requests "a couple more margaritas" for himself and his betrothed, with whom he intends to tie the knot later that same day.

"This is really strong," she observes when the cocktails are served, soon separating from her comparatively less lucid fiancé to try on wedding ensembles with a stylist down in the cabin. Meanwhile, the groom-to-be finds his way back to the bar.

"Would you like another margarita?" Madison asks warily, to which he replies, "Totally. I'll have another tequila as well."

But before the crew members can fix his order, their guest grabs a bottle and swallows a few gulps from there.

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"On a scale of 1 to blackout, Guy is already a drunk white bitch on the floor of a bathroom," Madison tells Sailing Yacht's confessional camera.

And while Guy does semi-unintelligibly commit to "not drinking, actually" since he's "getting married today," his abstinence doesn't last long.

"I would start giving him placebo cocktails," sighs Georgia when the guest—now dancing with incorporated finger gun gestures, directed at himself—starts soliciting margaritas once more. "But it's too late for that now."

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