Why Kelly Clarkson Warns Against Drunk Texting Blake Shelton

Kelly Clarkson warned guest Hoda Kotb to never drunk text her The Voice co-star Blake Shelton for this hilarious reason.

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Blake Shelton, Kelly ClarksonTrae Patton/NBC

Note to self: Never drunk text Blake Shelton.

On Wednesday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, host Kelly Clarkson warned guest Hoda Kotb to refrain from sending the country singer embarrassing texts and pictures because he loves to share them with the world.

"Never send that to Blake Shelton," she told the Hoda & Jenna star. "I know you love Blake, but he will take—never trust him with something important, footage wise. No, I, I'm…just don't trust him!"

Now we're dying to know to more! Before getting into the conversation, Hoda admitted that Kelly is the person she'll drunk text when she's having a good time. "I love drunk texting Kelly when we're out," she told the audience, before giving them a demonstration of the texts and selfies she sends The Voice judge. "I'm like, ‘Hey, Kelly! It's us!' You're probably like, ‘What are you doing?'"

Thankfully for Hoda, Kelly admitted that she receives quite a lot of those from her other famous pals.

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"No, I have a few friends in the limelight that randomly do that. The Pentatonix are one as well. And it is great. I'm like, ‘Y'all, should not do that. This is blackmail.' I never do that I'm afraid people will show it." she said, which launched her piece of advice about Blake.

Drunk texting antics aside, Kelly also admitted that she thought Hoda and her fiancé Joel Schiffman had tied the knot a long time ago. Despite the longtime couple only announcing their engagement in November 2019, Kelly said, "I have thought you were married this whole time. Like, you're newly engaged and I'm like…Congratulations, but I was like, ‘What?!'"

She continued, "Anytime you send me videos of, like, drinking with your man and, like, you're on vacation or something, like, I want your life, and then, like, I thought you were married this whole time."

Kelly was so convinced that Hoda and Joel had already gotten married that she confessed she feared they had gotten divorced and that the TODAY anchor was engaged to someone else. Amazed by Kelly's mix-up, Hoda recalled when she realized her fiancé was the one and when they decided to expand their family.

"It was one of those crazy nights that you're so happy you went out," she shared. "We started dating and a few years in, all I was thinking about was having kids and I couldn't push it away. And I asked him and I brought this up, I said, ‘I can't push this away anymore, I have to ask you this important question.' I said, ‘Will you explore adoption with me?'"

"And, literally, without blinking, without pausing, he looked at me and he said, ‘Yes, yes, yes,'" Hoda continued. "So, already knew he loved me that much so I didn't really care about the married part. I was like, ‘Okay, we're in love. We have two kids. Like, who cares?' It did matter to him, I think, a lot."

Since then, the couple have adopted daughters Haley Joy, 2, and Hope Catherine, 8 months, and have shown interest in wanting more children as they get ready to say "I do."  As she explained the sweet way that Joel proposed during their "mom and dad" trip to Mexico, Hoda said that knowing she'd get to marry him made her love him more than before.

"And in that moment, I thought I'd feel like I did the day before because I already loved him," she said. "But I had no idea how profound saying something out loud is, like that." Aw! 

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