The Bachelor's Peter Weber Promises He Knows What He's Doing

Exclusive: Peter Weber, star of The Bachelor says it may look like he's confused, but he actually knows exactly what he's doing when it comes to handing out roses

By Lauren Piester Feb 05, 2020 10:34 PMTags
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Peter Weber, star of The Bachelor, may seem, at times, confused. 

It's not his fault. As the titular Bachelor, he's supposed to be dating a large group of women who all have their own agendas and their own perspectives while somehow also keeping his own thoughts straight. That sounds exhausting and it looks exhausting on screen, especially when one person is telling him one thing and another is telling him the totally opposite thing.

The past couple of weeks have been particularly difficult even just as a viewer, because there have been so many arguments and so many women complaining about other women instead of caring more about Peter himself. 

Peter himself paid a visit to E! News on Wednesday and acknowledged that yes, the drama has been hard, but everything's about to change especially as more women are sent home without roses. 

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"I'll be very real—at this point, it hasn't gotten extremely serious yet with any of the relationships. There's still too many women for any real serious relationships to be at the forefront of the show and that's going to change here in the next couple episodes," he told us. "And I think people will start to see that develop. You know the way this show [works], just the nature of the show, when there's too many relationships, you can't have that many serious ones yet. But it'll change."

That begins tonight, which includes the two-on-one date and will leave us with an actually manageable number of contestants to keep track of, while we're still here with a slightly sour taste in our mouths over some of the issues that have come up this season so far. We got Peter's take on quite a bit of it below, and he says that while it might seem like his decisions are a little random, he says he always knew what he was doing at least in terms of who his frontrunners were. 


E! News: The two-on-one is tonight, and that's always a good way to bring all the drama to a head. What can you say about how that goes?

Peter Weber: I will just say this: I do my absolute best to get to the very bottom of it, and end it. And I do.

When I watch the show, I often feel like the lead is a teacher wrangling kindergarteners or something. Did you ever feel like that?

Yeah. There's moments like in Cleveland. I know my tactic a lot of the time was to just bring all the women together, so you couldn't have these she said, she said stuff, because in my opinion, you never get to the bottom of it if that's all you're going to get, so I wanted everyone to talk in front of each other so you couldn't hide anything. Yeah, there were some moments where it's like, guys just what's the truth, like, I don't care either way, what's the truth. And, you know, again I only did my best to try to find that out. I don't know if I necessarily found out the full truth in a lot of the situations but I tried my best.

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The Alayah/Victoria thing was so difficult, because they were both saying completely different things, and I just I want someone to explain!

Yes! And I'm there like…I remember looking at my facial expression. I was so freaking confused in that moment. Like I didn't get any clarity even after that conversation because one was saying one thing, one was saying the other so at that point it's like, okay, what are you gonna do?

I ended up feeling bad for Alayah at the end. 

Yeah, and that's part of the reason that I was okay bringing her back and her back and why was I saw some of that even before all the viewers saw it on screen. I saw that stuff back in LA, and it was tough for me to, to let her go, and I didn't feel very good about it, and I felt like I had made a mistake, and when she came back, I tried to do right by that and keep her there, and obviously she ended up going home again after. And that was just a decision I had to make just for the saneness of the house, really.  Honestly, that was the reason.

I found Monday's episode very hard to watch sometimes. Some of the issues between some of the women were just really hard to listen to, especially the accusations of pill popping and stuff. What is that like for you to watch back now, since you probably had no idea the extent of what was going on? 

Yeah, I mean, I had been told. I don't think it aired, but you know Tammy told me about the her accusations of pill popping with Kelsey and I don't support that at all. That's not right, to try to accuse someone for, for those needs for taking the pills for those reasons, that was not fair at all due to Kelsey. I'm not okay with, you know, a lot of stuff that I've seen with some of the women, how they're treating each other when I'm not there, and obviously I didn't know any of this as we were filming either. I just don't have access to that information. But it's too much in my opinion and I wish that stuff didn't happen. There's drama but then that's kind of taking it up a little level, up a notch.

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You've said all season that drama to you means that it's working because they're fighting for you. But do you think that there's a line?

Absolutely. And I think kind of looking back, I know I've made that statement and I guess, you know, I didn't intend for it to be taken the way I guess it was taken. I was just trying to come off from, you know, it does show that people care right? If people don't care, it would be a very just blasé, boring season, and when, when you see people start to develop feelings, obviously it's tough to watch other people develop feelings for that same person. That's the kind of drama that shows this is working, not drama between women, accusing people of of pill-popping or accusing people of bullying. That was taken out of context. I'm talking about when you start to develop feelings for the same person that kind of drama between two people shows that this experience is working.


So what are we going to see as the relationships get a little clearer going forward?

Listen, I definitely…I always had front runners and people think, he's making crazy decisions, he doesn't know what he's doing. I promise you I knew exactly what I'm doing. The show and the process of show, you have to give out so many roses every single week so you have to keep around people. But I knew what I was doing. and you guys are gonna see that come together here in the next couple of weeks. And the clarity that I always had will become more obvious.

Is that frustrating to you to be have to be like, guys, I know what I'm doing, I know the decisions I'm making, but this is how the show works?

It's frustrating but at the same time, like you said, I knew exactly what I was doing, and who I truly, you know, felt something with, you know, a couple of front runners. And so that's kind of like, I see all these comments and this hate, and I just kind of brush it off and like guys, you're gonna see, I really was never that confused. It was confusing at the end for the girls that I really really cared for that I had a strong relationship with, but up to that point I was fine.

We've heard a lot of cryptic, confusing teases of your ending. Can you give us another one? 

Oh boy. I mean, I say it all the time but I followed my heart the entire time, and stuff happened ‘til the very end, and it was not easy for me at all. But I am happy, and I'm happy with where I'm at.

The Bachelor airs tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC. Stay tuned for more from our interview with Peter later this week!